[Insert Your Truth] Mastermind

Let me guess: You have DEEP PASSION.

You KNOW you are meant to do great things in this world, but sometimes you find the tasks in front of you a little overwhelming.

Or maybe you've been trying and trying but you can't quite get all the puzzle pieces together in the right way.

You see where you want to be in life, but you're not quite sure how to get there.

Sometimes the journey is a bit lonely. (You desire like-minded and inspiring peers!)

And (it's okay to admit this -- it's a safe space) sometimes you doubt yourself. Sometimes you feel a little afraid and unsure. 

Yet, you find yourself RETURNING over and over to your PASSION in life: Your desire to be a successful entrepreneur!

There's a fiery, passionate truth smoldering within you, ready to be shared with the world!

You long step out of your fears so you can fully release your deep passion and wisdom into the world! 

Look out, world!! Your brilliance is ready to burst through!! 

That's where we come in.

Hi! We're Meagan Ward (Sales Coach) and Marley Jamason (Intuitive Wellness Coach)! 

Meagan Ward, Sales Coach

Meagan Ward, Sales Coach

Marley Jamason, Intuitive Wellness Practitioner

Marley Jamason, Intuitive Wellness Practitioner

We've joined forces to help you THRIVE!

We work with driven, passionate women entrepreneurs with BIG dreams who desire a supportive community that will lovingly push them to reach their goals! 

Together, we will help you:

  • Speak your Truth - loud, proud, unapologetically! 
  • Get your business into tip-top shape!
  • Say "bye bye!" to your fears and "hello!" to empowered living!
  • Seamlessly blend spirituality and business for ultimate success and satisfaction
  • Achieve your DREAM goals in a way that feels right to you!

 [Insert Your Truth] Mastermind

Picture this:

An intimate community of driven, passionate women entrepreneurs who all genuinely wish the best for each other!

You learn and grow together. You laugh and sometimes cry together.

You embrace each other during times of difficult growth and incredible celebration!

You hold each other accountable to working toward your DREAM goals. 

You might even meet a new best friend! 

You're led by two strong, passionate women (Meagan and Marley!) who see your true potential and offer practical, encouraging advice to help get you where you want to be in life.

You're continually in awe of all the power you didn't even know you had! 

Because you know what: It turns out that you already have all that you need WITHIN YOU in order to be successful! 

That's right! 

And you know what else? You are WORTHY of success! 

[Insert Your Truth] Mastermind

The glorious program structure: 

For six months, you'll partake in weekly group coaching calls.

  • Weekly group coaching call (tailored to the group's needs!), for 6 months:

    • Nine 90-minute mastermind calls with Meagan (Business Strategy)

    • Nine 90-minute mastermind calls with Marley (Intuitive Insight)

    • Six 60-minute mastermind calls with Meagan AND Marley

  • PLUS:

    • One 90-minute Opening Ceremony Call (With Tarot/Oracle Card Reading!)

    • One 90-minute Closing Ceremony Call (With Tarot/Oracle Card Reading!)

    • Private Facebook Community with access to Meagan and Marley

    • Accountability buddies!

    • Recordings of all calls

This Mastermind is happening NOW!
Join today! 

Our Pillars of Success (What You'll Gain!)


  • Heal your fears and wounds with love
    • In the community of support
  • Replace fear with an empowered mindset
    • Identify negative self-talk and redirect it to match the energy of your true desires


  • Business strategies that actually work
    • Marketing, sales, and everything in between
  • Work-life balance
    • This is vital!
  • Manifest your desires
    • ou'll learn how to consciously co-create with the Universe
  • Actually ENJOY working on your business
    • Because that's the whole point, right?


  • Know yourself
    • Your true passion, purpose, intention, and mission
  • Know your ideal client
    • Their needs, wants, desires, and how to engage with them
  • Healthy business boundaries and bractices
    • Stay true to you, your needs, your integrity
  • What's aligned for YOU to do!
    • Your Intuitive Compass! 
  • The Universe
    • How it functions and how to effectively co-create



Marley Jamason 


Multi-Faceted Intuitive Wellness

Knowledge + Intuitive Insight + Practical Advice

Marley is your guide to all things pertaining to spirituality, intuition, and practical life advice!

What does that have to do with business? Well, since you’re an entrepreneur, there’s really no separating your business from YOU!

Your well-being directly influences your business’s well-being!

Marley’s specialty is combining Reiki (energywork) with intuitive insight and compassionate coaching.

What’s intuition? It’s what you know to be true, even if you can’t quite explain why.

It’s what psychics do. Yep, I’m psychic! No, I can’t read your mind.

Intuitive information can come through in many ways:

  • Words, songs, phrases

  • Images, colors

  • Feelings, sensations, emotions

  • Smells

Intuitive insights can be helpful to interpret and can:

  • Expedite healing

  • Uncover the root of your wellness issue

  • Offer advice as to how a person can better thrive

(Pssst! You don't need to be a trained psychic in order to tap into your intuition -- your inner guidance system -- and create a soul-aligned business / life !! Marley will teach you this stuff in the Mastermind! ) 


Marley works from an empowering, loving, non-denominational understanding of the Divine. She uses words such as God, Spirit, Source, Universe, Divine, etc. interchangeably.

Marley invites you to develop your own personal relationship with the Divine in whatever way feels best for you!

Marley’s true brilliance is offering intuitive and spiritual (AKA the workings of the universe) insight in a grounded, empowering, and practical way.


Marley will teach you how the universe works and how YOU can co-create along with the universe to manifest your desires!

She will translate vast concepts of the universe into bite-sized chunks that you can integrate into your everyday human experience!

Here’s the big thing: She’ll always give you actionable steps to take after learning new intuitive/spiritual info!


Some of the tools you’ll learn from Marley:


  • Develop your own intuitive compass (so you know what’s in alignment for you)

  • Gain clarity on your TRUE desires

  • Live in FLOW (we’re dynamic, ever-changing beings, after all!)

  • Meditation and breathwork techniques

  • Successfully express and live your TRUTH

  • Identify and attract in your IDEAL clients


  • Compassionately address pain and difficult emotions

  • Heal old wounds, fears, and blocks

  • Quell fears and step into an empowered mindset / way of being

  • Develop and maintain sustainable self-care practices

  • Navigate life when you’re feeling stuck!


In addition to these transformative tools, you’ll also walk (well, you’ll probably DANCE!) away with:

  • An empowering, loving contract to YOURSELF, written by you!

    • This focuses on promises of how you’ll talk to yourself, treat yourself, and love yourself!

  • A contract between you and the heart of your business, written by you!

    • Ways in which you’ll commit to your business (sustainably!) and what you expect to receive from your business in return!

  • Practical, fun, fulfilling ways of incorporating spirituality, energywork, and ritual into business!

    • This can help you get clear on your desires and expedite the manifestation process!

  • Understanding universal energy 101

    • Co-creation, manifestation, working with the energy of the New and Full Moons, clearing negative energy and embracing positive energy

After working with Marley, you’ll come away with practical, action-oriented steps to effectively help you on your path to success!


Meagan Ward

Business Mastery

Meagan is your guide to all things business, marketing, and sales -- with a twist.

She doesn’t believe that overwhelm is necessary to build a successful business.

So she ditches the systems and teaches you successful business principles.

Yep, you won’t find an ad strategy, email list or sales funnel in this mastermind because the truth is, you don’t need it!

Meagan’s specialty is combining proven sales and marketing strategies with your unique message. She helps you speak your truth and say the things only YOU can say so your tribe flocks to your offers. The only funnel you’ll need is 1 post, 1 sales call, 1 new client.

Some of the business principles you'll learn with Meagan include:

*Soul-Aligned Sales

  • Unleashing your message and speaking your truth

  • Finding freedom in vulnerability

  • The power of your story

  • How to instantly build your know/like/trust factor in one post

  • Communing with your ideal clients so they KNOW they need to work with you today!

* Business Foundations

  • Embracing your desires (and why they’re better than any other goal setting system)

  • Setting strong boundaries to grow with ease and integrity

  • Owning and embracing your values

  • Building self-confidence and trusting your actions

* Embodied Marketing

  • Unleashing your message and speaking your truth

  • Finding freedom in vulnerability

  • The power of your story

  • How to instantly build your know/like/trust factor in one post

  • Communing with your ideal clients so they KNOW they need to work with you today!


After learning all of these principles and how to apply them in your unique way, you walk away from this mastermind with:

  • A deep understanding of your unique message

    • So that you can confidently show up and and speak your truth

  • A marketing strategy unique to you and your tribe

    • Say the things only you can say that will have your tribe coming to sales call already sold

  • A sales strategy that converts

    • No more convincing, your tribe will be asking you for the sale

  • Deep love and self-confidence

    • Know that every choice you make in your business is the right one


Meagan’s coaching and teachings are rooted in love.

She’ll push you to take uncomfortable, yet aligned action that will massively shift your business.

You’ll walk away with all the tools you’ll need to create consistent $5k months, if you haven’t already achieved them ;)

Marley is such a magical woman! I have had many Reiki sessions with her and they have all been very powerful! The intuitive insights she receives during the sessions are always spot on and combined with her wisdom filed guidance and advice I always feel more confident and empowered. She has been such an invaluable tool in my awakening and healing journey! I can’t wait to work with her more in the future!
— Laura K.

Let's Talk Value! 

[Insert Your Truth] Mastermind is jam-packed with so much goodness!

  • 18 ninety-minute group coaching calls with Meagan or Marley ($5,400 value)
  • 6 sixty-minute group coaching calls with Meagan AND Marley ($2,400 value)
  • In-Depth Opening and Closing Ceremonies with Tarot/Oracle Card Readings, hosted by both Meagan and Marley ($900 value)
  • Private Facebook Community with access to Meagan and Marley for the 6-month program (Upwards of $12,000. Priceless??)
  • Detailed Welcome Packet ($197)
  • By the way, Meagan and Marley will be meeting with each other multiple times each week during the program to share insights, strategize, and custom-tailor the program to the group's needs so that they can best serve YOU! We're committing a huge portion of our work hours to hosting this mastermind! ($4,000 value)

Wow, that's a $13,897++ value! 

But you know what, we're making this program available at only HALF of it's true value!

That's because we genuinely want to help you succeed! 

By ushering in more women entrepreneurs like yourself into the success they desire, we will change the world for the better!

Your investment in yourself: 9 monthly payments of $655.55. That's it! 

We believe in a loving world where people are able to SPEAK THE TRUTHS in LOVE! 

We're ready to invest our time, resources, and energy into you. The real question is: Are YOU ready to invest in yourself?!

Meagan doesn’t just listen to your fears and worries about reaching your goals—she validates that you’re not alone and that you are powerful and capable to handle the challenges you encounter as you move towards your goals. She has a way of showing me my best parts of myself and my strengths when I don’t know what to do. Because of her, I have been able to move forward in my business without a doubt that I will succeed. Meagan is one of the most level-headed, analytical, dream-driven yet down-to-earth women that I have worked with.
— Sam Varnerin, Snugglewithsam.com

Let's get real for a moment:

[Insert Your Truth] Mastermind IS for you if:

  • You are a woman entrepreneur 
  • You wish to deepen your understanding of business and spirituality / intuition
  • You are ready to build the business of your dreams!
  • You are ready to speak your truth
  • You desire COMMUNITY
  • You will put in the effort to grow and develop yourself and your business

[Insert Your Truth] Mastermind is NOT for you if: 

  • You wish to dwell in fear 
  • You want to keep making excuses for yourself
  • You aren't willing to put in the work required to achieve your goals
  • You aren't willing to grow and change
  • You value competition more than collaboration and community

Your investment in yourself: 9 monthly payments of $655.55. That's it! 

Reach out to us with any questions that you have -- ASAP!! 

We will gladly hop on a call with you to talk you through your questions, concerns wonderings, dreams, and desires! A call is a great way for us all to get to know each other! Don't hesitate to reach out! :)  

$$ Are your money fears blocking you from signing up?? $$

Let's chat!

If you really want to find a way to make this work, we can help you find solutions! 

Scholarship opportunity available for people in GENUINE need. More details here!



[Insert Your Truth] Mastermind

Are you ready to [INSERT YOUR TRUTH] ??? 

Contact Meagan and Marley to learn more / sign up! 

[Insert Your Truth] Mastermind

For passionate Truth-Speakers who seek empowering information and community support!

For women who are ready to quit making excuses and actually co-create the life / business of their dreams!

We're ready to invest our time, resources, and energy into you.

The real question is: Are YOU ready to invest in yourself?!