Scholarship Opportunity

for [Insert Your Truth] Mastermind

Meagan Ward and Marley Jamason are committed to helping women entrepreneurs from all backgrounds and with all experiences.

We recognize our privilege and wish to help people who experience institutionalized oppression.

Because that's the right thing to do. 


We're awarding scholarships to TWO individuals who are in genuine need.

Each scholarship is worth 50% of the cost of the [Insert Your Truth] Mastermind. 

You fit the scholarship criteria if you: 

  • Are in GENUINE need of this financial assistance
    • You wouldn't be able to afford the program otherwise
  • You sincerely KNOW this program will help you and will be an active member of the mastermind
  • You are identify as at least one of the following: 
    • Woman of color
    • LGBTQIA+ 
    • Grew up in a severely low-income household
    • Experience a significant disability of some sort

We are offering these scholarships on the honor system. By applying for the scholarship, you give your word that you are in genuine need of the scholarship. 

If you are not in genuine need of the scholarship, please do not apply! Please allow someone in genuine need to receive this scholarship! 


Questions? Feel free to contact us! 

Here's the scholarship application process: 

  1. You affirm that you meet the criteria (see above)
  2. You fill out a scholarship application (see below)
  3. You have for a Discovery Call with us
    • We will NOT interview you for the scholarship. We're hosting Discovery Calls with every single woman who wishes to partake in the Mastermind. You're welcome to mention your scholarship application if you wish, but we won't ask you about it ourselves. 
  4. We will randomly select two women from the applicants to receive the scholarships. 
  5. We will privately notify the scholarship applicants as to whether or not they received the scholarship. 

We don't feel the need to publicize who receives the scholarships. You're welcome to talk about it if you wish, but we're not going to spread that info around. Every single woman who enters our mastermind is 100% worthy and is meant to be there! It's not anyone else's business to know if you have received a scholarship from us -- unless you'd like to share that info! 

Questions? Feel free to contact us!

Please fill out the application below. We'll be in touch within 48 business hours of your submission to schedule a Discovery Call with you. Thank you!


If you are unable to provide a written application, you may record a video application that answers all of the questions below. 

Name *
On my honor, I declare that I fit the following criteria: 1) I am in GENUINE need of this scholarship 2) I will enthusiastically participate in this Mastermind 3) I am a woman of color and/or identify as LGBTQIA+ and/or come from a very low-income background and/or experience a significant disability of some sort *

We will be in contact within 48 business hours of your application submission! Thank you!

Questions or comments? Feel free to contact us!