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This is for the entrepreneur / intuitive / healer / coach who wants more FLOW, confidence, and joy in their business.


We all need good business strategies. But if the proper ENERGY -- YOUR energy -- isn't backing you up, your business strategy is incomplete (and will likely fall short of your expectations). 

You don't need another business-minded strategy. (You have plenty of those already.)

What you need is to FOCUS on your OWN PERSONAL ENERGY so that you can actively co-create with the Universe. 

You already have the tools you need -- I'll just help you realize that!  

Yeah, we'll talk business. We'll talk strategy. But we'll talk about it in energetic and intuitive terms! 

Invoke RITUAL into your business for greater flow and alignment! 

Invoke energy to attract your ideal clients, bring in the money, receive clarity, and so much more! 



6 weeks (May 30 - July 11; no class on July 4)

6 Guided Rituals / Community Calls ***

Short informational videos each week

Full Moon and New Moon Magic

Journal Prompts, Worksheets, Thought-Provoking and Informative Posts

Private Facebook Community

1 Ritual Magic Box (U.S. recipients only, unless you want to pay extra for international shipping)  

Ceremonial Cacao Guide

Essential Oil Safe-Use Guide 

Essential Oil for Spiritual Development / Energywork Guide

*** Live video calls will take place via Zoom, Wednesdays 1-2:30PM Eastern time on May 30, June 6, June 13, June 20, June 27, July 11 (no class on July 4). These calls will be recorded but I HIGHLY recommend you attend live if possible!

BONUS: 8 Weeks of Email Support From Me 


** Finding Your Groove with Ritual

  • Different ways to engage with ritual
  • Inspiring ideas of what YOU can do!
  • Working with Water

** Intentions and Boundaries

  • Clarify your intentions 
  • Set boundaries with: the universe, yourself, your business, your clients, the people in your life, the spirit realm
  • Bonus: Cord-cutting meditation

** From Fear to Flow

  • Understand the fear and then release the fear
  • How to get back into Flow

** Ideal Client Clarity + Attraction 

  • Clarify the ENERGY of your ideal client -- this is an unusual way of thinking about ideal clients! 
  • ATTRACT your ideal clients through guided meditation

** Money Magnetism

  • Release your fears, your limiting beliefs around money
  • Understand your "money story"
  • Step into the energy of abundance
  • Abundance meditation and wound healing
  • Setting energetic boundaries / expectations / intentions around income
  • Tackling your finances . . . with grace, ease, and love

** Self-Care as a Business Practice

  • Invoking pleasure of all forms into your daily life
  • Prioritizing your needs 

More of what you'll learn: 

  • How to work with Water, food, movement, voice, ceremonial cacao, essential oils, and flowers to enhance intentions and rituals
  • How to shift out of fear and into love / empowerment / confidence / abundance
  • How to safely use essential oils, and how to use them for energetic and spiritual purposes
  • BUSINESS TOOLS!!!! For the spiritually-inclined entrepreneur / intuitive