Intuitive Wellness Programs

There are three ways to work with me individually! 

Relationship is hugely important to me. And better yet, it serves YOU better when we get to know each other! The more I get to know you, the better I am able to offer insight, facilitate healing, and assist you in achieving your goals! 

"Plain and simple" package

Three 60-minute Reiki + Intuitive Insight + Compassionate Coaching sessions available to you any time within four months of date of purchase. 

I recommend one session monthly for most clients but it's up to you!

Reiki, Intuitive Insight, Compassionate Coaching. Plain and simple!  

You'll receive: 

  • Three 60-minute Reiki + Intuitive Insight + Compassionate Coaching sessions
    • To be used within 4 months of purchase

Akashic Records Program

Let's delve into deeper understanding of who you are at soul-level. We can uncover blocks and restrictions (from present or past lives) that are currently negatively impacting you. 

You'll receive: 

  • One Akashic Records Soul Realignment® Reading + Clearing 

  • Digital recording of your Akashic Records reading session

  • Email check-in after Akashic reading

  • 21-day personalized invocation ritual

  • One 45-minute intuitive coaching appointment

  • One 60-minute Reiki + Intuitive Insight + Compassionate Coaching session 

"Co-creator" Program

Prerequisite: Akashic Records reading from me

This is for you if you're truly ready to make lasting changes in your life! Especially helpful for chronic illness, spiritual development, and anyone seeking to achieve huge well-being goals!

This is a 3-month program. 

Each month, you'll receive: 

  • Two 60-minute Reiki + Intuitive Insight + Compassionate Coaching sessions

  • One 30-minute intuitive coaching-only session

  • One tarot/oracle card reading

  • One 15-minute “emergency” distance Reiki session (with email correspondence before and after) 

  • One 10-minute “emergency” mood-booster / problem-solver coaching call

  • One virtual group healing
  • Check-in email for non-appointment week

  • Life desires workbook

  • Email followup after each appointment

  • Unlimited email support between sessions