Wellness Programs

If you have a deeply-rooted or ongoing issue, shouldn't your investment in your wellness be ongoing too? 

I've found that clients benefit most from an ongoing series of sessions with me. I've designed a few intuitive wellness programs that can easily be tailored to suit your individuals needs. 


Reiki + Intuitive Insight + Compassionate Coaching Wellness Programs! 

Multi-faceted intuitive wellness is my specialty! 

Let's journey toward wellness together -- on your schedule! 

Frequency: Weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly *

Duration: 1-6 months *

* Depends on your current state of wellness and your overall wellness goals


Are you ready to: 

  • Receive help in your wellness journey? 
  • Gain valuable intuitive insight on your wellness issues?
  • Learn actionable steps to take so you can better thrive?? 

Then you're ready to work with me! 


Contact me to set up a Discovery Session! 

During our Discovery Session, we will: 

  • Discuss your experience with wellness 

The essence of you -- 1-month intuitive wellness deep dive

Featuring a reading of your Akashic Records

This program will begin in September!

Contact me to be put on the wait-list.



3-month intuitive wellness program

Featuring a reading of your Akashic Records!

Are you ready to invite in wellness to all aspects of your life?

Are you interested in developing sustainable self-care tools and intuitive knowledge so that you can be largely self-sufficient in your wellness? 

Then this program is for you! 

This program will begin in September! 

Contact me to be put on the wait-list.