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Are you ready to THRIVE?

Multi-Faceted Intuitive Wellness with Marley Jamason

Reiki + Intuitive Insight + Coaching



Reiki is non-denominational energy work. 

Through Reiki, I can work with the energetic aspects of your being. 

We are inherently energetic beings because EVERYTHING is composed of energy. 

If you have an energetic imbalance in your being, it can promote and perpetuate "un-wellness" -- perhaps in the form of pain, depression, anxiety, illness, etc. 

Reiki works to balance a person's energetic body. 

Possible outcomes of Reiki: 

  • Decrease pain
  • Decrease anxiety, depression, etc. 
  • Increase optimism and sense of well-being
  • Speed recovery
  • Clear energetic blocks

Intuitive Insight

Intuition -- it's what you feel to be true, even if you can't quite explain exactly why. 

It's what psychics do. 

Yep, I'm psychic. 
No, I can't read your thoughts. 

I often pick up on intuitive information regarding a person while giving Reiki or chatting through personal issues with them. 

Intuitive information can come through in many ways: 

  • Words, songs, phrases
  • Images, colors
  • Feelings, sensations, emotions
  • Smells

Intuitive insights can be helpful to interpret and can:

  • Expedite healing
  • Uncover the root of your wellness issue
  • Offer advice as to how a person can better thrive


Okay, so you have received Reiki. You have heard my intuitive insights.

But how do you actually fix your life??

That's where compassionate coaching comes in. 

Together, we can develop a plan of action to help you THRIVE! 

This is where I weave together Reiki and intuitive insights to offer empowering, actionable steps to take so you can better thrive! 

Here's a glimpse of what I offer: 

  • How to productively process emotions and pain
  • Journal prompts
  • Guided meditation and/or meditation prompts
  • Breath-work
  • Empowering mindset guidance
  • Lifestyle tips and tricks 
  • Intuitive and spiritual development
  • Resource recommendation




I believe in a personalized, multi-faceted, intuitive approach to wellness.

I tailor my offerings to suit YOU!

Reiki + Intuitive Insight + Compassionate Coaching


What Support Do You Seek? 

I can help with the following: 

  • Chronic and Acute Illness / Conditions
    •  Pain
    • Depression, Anxiety, etc. 
    • Fatigue
  • Fertility / Pregnancy / Postpartum
  • Infants and Children
  • Overall Wellness
  • Exploring Your Life Purpose
  • Entrepreneur - Business and Personal Development / Support
  • Intuitive / Spiritual Development

Let's Talk!

I personalize my sessions and programs to support YOU!

Reach out NOW! Don't be shy! :)

The best way to know if I'm the right practitioner to help you is for us to chat and work together via an introductory Discovery Session.


Intro Discovery Session

The details:

* 90-minutes in length
* Deep dive into your life and wellness goals
* Details on what program / session types would be best for you to reach your goals
* Reiki + Intuitive Insight + Compassionate Coaching session so you can experience how I work

Message me for more info and pricing!




I simply luxuriated in the deep quiet of this mental and physical relaxation, during which I felt as if I were being cradled in a pure benevolence that was focused 100% on my well-being.
— Ruth L.
I can tell you that she possess naturally the intuition for and affinity to Reiki that others take years to develop . . . She has had the intuition and sensitivity of a healer for a long time.
— Lisa B.
When I was in labor, Marley gave me reiki from a distance and the only way I can describe it is to say that I felt a sense of calm and strength come into me that I had not felt before that moment.
— Ali D.
The intuitive insights she receives during the sessions are always spot on and combined with her wisdom filed guidance and advice I always feel more confident and empowered. She has been such an invaluable tool in my awakening and healing journey! I can’t wait to work with her more in the future!
— Laura K.

My Philosophy

I hold the intention of your highest good (and the highest good of all) in mind during all sessions. 

I invite you into my safe and caring presence, wherein you may express the fullness of your being -- your sorrow, discomfort, joy, and bliss -- it's all part of who you are. You, as a whole being, are welcome here.

I see the infinite possibilities within you. I hold compassionate space so that you may grow into the fullness of your being, however you choose to do so.

I believe in: 

  • Love
  • Wisdom inherent in our bodies / beings
  • Interconnectedness of mind-body-spirt
  • Co-creation between us and the Divine
  • Our power to heal ourselves
  • Empowering my clients to take their wellness and development into their own hands
  • A personalized, multi-faceted approach to wellness 

Are you one of
"my people"? 

Let's find out! 

Are you:

  • Ready to fully commit to your well-being and/or your personal / spiritual development? 
  • Ready to step out of fear-based thoughts and into love-based thoughts? 
  • Frustrated with the "gaps" of care provided by physicians?
  • Seeking to supplement medical care with a whole-being wellness approach?
  • Ready to thrive?

If you answered "yes" to any of the above, let's talk!



I have always felt profound love -- even when I was a small child. I always wanted to help people, both personally and professionally.

Love, compassion, and integrity empower me. 



Nine years of chronic pain, fatigue, and depression eventually led me to take my wellness into my own hands. 

I found my way to holistic and intuitive wellness out of necessity and genuine curiosity.


Now I'm ready to share my knowledge and healing gifts with the world.


Where does all of this AWESOME-NESS happen??? 

It happens wherever you are! 


In-Person Appointments: Brookline, MA

In-person appointments are fantastic!


HOWEVER . . . 

Since Reiki is an energetic practice, it is not confined to the physical realm.

That means that I can send you Reiki even if we're not in the same physical space.

I've sent Reiki to people thousands of miles away and it still works! This is called "Distance Reiki."

I also receive intuitive insights at a distance! And can coach you from a distance. 



If we have a virtual appointment, we can correspond via email, Skype, or zoom (another videochat service). 

What are you waiting for?? 

First time client? Book a Discovery Session!

We'll explore your wellness goals, how we can best work together, and you'll even experience one of my specialty Reiki + Intuitive Insight + Compassionate Coaching sessions! 

New Client?

Have Questions? Ready to Thrive?

Have we worked together before? 

Are you ready to thrive?