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Create a Sparkling Program / Service Package (that magnetically attracts your ideal clients!)

This is suitable for folks with service-based and product-based businesses!

In this FREE 12-page guidebook, you’ll learn to:

- Identify your unique creation energy (this will help you focus!)
- Clarify your unique magic 
- Affirm your magic (and self-worth!)
- Get out of your head and into your heart
- Package your magic
- Market (magic) research
- Price your magic
- Get Unstuck

Don't worry! There are easy and tangible action steps along the way!

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Receive Module 1 of my Energetics of Money course for free!

75 minutes of potent teachings could be yours NOW! Time to activate that abundance energy!

Helping Earthbound Souls Cross Over

Grounding Meditation


Automatic Writing Workshop

Learn to channel written messages from the Divine, including: passed loved ones, spirit guides, angels, your higher self, etc. 

You'll learn to: 
- Craft an intention prayer to help you get "in the zone"
- Meditate to ground and connect with source
- Start auto-writing, even if you feel unsure
- Discern your thoughts from channeled messages
- How to let your automatic writing flow!