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Fellow energyworkers, healers, change-makers, creatives, and spiritual folk: This is for YOU! 

It's time to shift the outdated paradigms around self-worth, money, self-love, and abundance. If you are reading this, then YOU are here to make changes on this Earth. 

You are here to usher in greater love and empowerment.

The empowerment starts with you.

This Energertics of Money course is a true creation of love. The seeds for this course were planted into my heart by the Divine. I have studied, explored, observed, experimented, and embodied. I am now ready to share my learnings with you! 

Join me on this healing journey of self-discovery and empowerment!

Module 1: Healthy Foundation

- What are the energetics of money?
- Detaching from toxic effects of capitalism
- Releasing shame and self-worth issues
- Why it takes more than "thinking" and "affirming" in order to manifest -- it takes true embodiment
- Primary Chakras involved in money
- Important (but rarely discussed) caveats to Law of Attraction
- Meditation: Toxic Energy Release

Module 2: Release and Re-write

- Energetic responses to trauma (personal, familial, ancestral, collective)
- Releasing ancestral trauma from the Sacral Chakra
- Sacred sexuality and healing sexual energy wounds
- Meditation: Cord Cutting (Energetic Trauma) and Personal Power Reclamation
- Identifying your toxic money story + abundance blocks
- Rewriting your money story

Module 3: De-Shield, Forgive, Love, and Soul-Aligned Goals

- Opening the heart to receiving; de-shielding
- Energetic dynamics of giving and receiving
- Cultivating self-love and Forgiveness of self and others
- Ease and joy as the pathway to abundance
- Setting Soul-Aligned money goals and energetic minimums
- Meditation: Self-Love and Forgiveness
- Meditation: Discovering soul-aligned money goals
- Meditation: Collapse Linear Time / Quantum Leap Forward

Module 4: Divine Expression

-  Opening the Throat Chakra for Divine Expression
- The power of words, sound, and breath
- How to charge water and crystals with your intention
- Reclaiming your voice
- Creating soul-aligned affirmations
- Meditation: Exploring the breath
- Meditation: Calling in your soul-aligned abundance desires
- Channeled messages from whatever guide or ascended master visits us that day!

Module 5: Safety, the Physical Body, Inner Child

- Root Chakra: Safety and security to receive
- Grounding your energy into your new and desired reality
- Decoding the physical body's language
- Embodying your new energetic presence
- The Inner Child
- Meditation: Inner Child Healing (with or without essential oils)

Module 6: Surrender, Trust, and Abundance Energy

- Being an energetic match for abundance
- Surrender, detach, release, trust / faith -- what does that mean and how to do it
- The true source of your money + abundance
- Balancing energy polarities (masculine and feminine; yang and yin; structure and flow; dark and light)
- Energy activation: Miracles and Abundance

This course includes:


- 6 pre-recorded modules (including module 1). Each module is about 60 minutes in length.

- Private, loving Facebook community.

- Virtual (email, Facebook, Voxer) support from Marley for 6 weeks (from date of purchase) as you navigate this course.

Join me on this journey of empowerment!