Spiritual Meaning of Turkeys

Animals as Spiritual Messengers

Animals and insects can be spiritual messengers that help us learn and grow. These spiritual messengers (in animal or insect form) typically bring encouragement and wise advice. They can also help us to tap into certain energies that we need to incorporate in order to heal and/or grow.

Shamanic healing practices refer to this as Animal (or Insect) Medicine. The idea is that the animal has the "medicine" that you need in order to heal / grow / learn. Obviously, there is more to the subject than what I've just stated, but this is a very simple way of understanding it.

Also, this is not literal Western medical medicine we're talking about. It's spiritual, energetic medicine. It can potentially help resolve physical issues if those physical issues are rooted in an energetic or spiritual issue.

How to Recognize Spiritual Animal Messengers

You can cross paths with Animal Medicine messengers in the physical realm (AKA "real life"), in a dream, in a meditation, through thought, intuition, or via a video or image -- it doesn't matter how you encounter your spiritual messenger (though meeting with an animal messenger in person is always thrilling!). 

How will you know if an animal has a spiritual message for you? You'll FEEL it in your heart, in your whole being. You will just KNOW!

When I meet an animal messenger, I feel a jolt of electricity through my body, especially in my core. My stomach sort of "drops" in excitement and I feel a bit like a deer in the headlights for a moment - pausing in shock, excitement, and anticipation. I just know instantly that this animal has a message for me!

You may also encounter an animal messenger repeatedly. This can be one way that these spiritual messengers get our attention. Sometimes we don't realize that something is a sign until we see it multiple times! A good rule of thumb is: If you encounter a particular animal three times within a short amount of time, it's probably reaching out to you! For example, you might see the same species of animal many times in your Facebook newsfeed, on someone's bag, on a logo for a business, etc. You might even hear the animal make noises (like a bird singing its song) or other people might mention the animal to you. So if you keep encountering an animal, check in with yourself to see if it has something to teach you! 

However, it often (at least for me!) only takes one appearance for us to recognize an animal as a spiritual messenger. Go with your intuition! 

Turkeys as Spiritual Messengers

So let's talk about turkeys as spiritual messengers. 


Did you know that Boston has a bunch of wild turkeys? It is always a blessing when I cross paths with one (or several!) turkeys. These birds are so majestic. 

Turkeys are the mascot for Thanksgiving -- and they aren't usually credited for their intelligence or majesty, unfortunately. 

To me, Turkey (as a spiritual messenger) speaks deeply of community, shared blessings, and Autumn harvest (particularly suiting because of Friday's Autumnal equinox). 

It makes sense to have this beautiful bird be the center of so many Thanksgiving celebrations!

 (Side note: I'm not saying that Turkey must be part of your food celebration! I personally choose not to eat animal products because I find that to be an empowering way for me to live. Just saying that it's notable that Turkey is the center of a holiday devoted to community and shared blessings! We, as a culture, understand the importance of Turkey and brought it into our collective understanding.)

Turkey also represents Earth Mother and spirituality. The red wattle (the flap of skin that originates from the turkey's forehead and is seen on the male turkeys) is said to represent the third eye -- the energy center of intuition.


Some Indigenous American creation stories tell of how Turkey helped create the world, showed humans how to grow corn, and fought off evil spirits.

When Turkey crosses your path (it crossed my path today when I was outside!), here are some questions to ponder:

🦃 How am I engaging with my community?

🦃 How am I sharing my many blessings? (Am I fully recognizing my many blessings?)

🦃 How am I tapping into my intuition?

🦃 What "seeds" have I sown that are now ready for harvest? (What have you built that is ready for you to utilize and enjoy?)

How does Turkey speak to you today?

My Interactions with Turkey


As always, Turkey has appeared in my life with perfect timing! I've been (metaphorically) planting seeds in my life, helping them grow, and now I'm ready for harvest. I'm ready to continue to work from a place of deep intuition. I wish to share my many blessings with those around me. <3

I do encounter wild turkeys as a navigate the streets of Boston. Sometimes I even receive feathers from this blessed birds. I have one large feather that I cherish! It was gifted to me (I found it on the sidewalk) when I was pondering a very big decision. It reminded me that I have abundant loving support all around me!

What Turkey is Telling YOU

Unfortunately, I cannot definitively tell you what Turkey is here to teach you through this blog post. Yes, I can make suggestions, but unless you're in a personalized healing session with an intuitive practitioner (like me!) YOU the only one who can truly know what message Turkey (or any other animal messenger) has for you. 

Each animal messenger will have many different associations and meanings. How do you know which interpretation is right for you? Well, you'll just sort of KNOW. 

As you research your animal messenger, pay attention to which interpretations really resonate with you. It could be that various interpretations will resonate with you on different days. 

I recommend that you take time to tune into your animal messenger. You can ask Turkey: "What do you have to teach me today? What can I learn from you that would best serve me right now?" You can receive intuitive answers through thought, meditation, journaling, dreamwork, etc. 

As you work with more animal messengers in this way, you'll come to form your personalized associations with various animals. This will help you to more quickly and clearly understand the messages that they have for you. 

(By the way, I've received much Turkey knowledge and insight on Animal Medicine from "Animal Speak" by Ted Andrews. If you want to learn more about Turkey or other animals that relay spiritual messages, I recommend this book!)

(Also, this is not typical Western medicine and I'm not saying any of this will cure whatever you're going through. If you need professional medical support, please see your professional medical provider!)


If you're ready to delve in to deep healing or understand yourself on a deep soul-level, contact me! I can help with that! (It is literally my job! :D )

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