Past Life Trauma Affecting Present Life

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Intuitive folks: This one is for you.


Past Life Trauma Affects Our Present Life


I've heard a lot of people (clients and friends) express such deep RELIEF when I even simply acknowledge that past lives (I prefer the term "parallel lives" because linear time is a human construct -- hi, quantum physics!) are a thing and that they can (and do!) influence your present life!


A lot of people are afraid to talk about this. I used to be afraid to talk about it, esp. so publicly. 


If it's not something that you believe in, that's okay! I didn't believe in this stuff for the majority of my life. Believe me when I say that I 100% understand where you're coming from.


It may or may not be important to your journey as an individual to even acknowledge spiritual concepts like past/parallel lives. It's all beautiful! We just need to remain respectful, kind, and loving toward each other.


But back to my main point:


A lot of intuitive folks DO have trauma from other incarnations that makes it hard for us to talk about our intuition.


Ever heard of the Salem Witch Trials? Yeah, a lot of us were there. A lot of us were killed for our spiritual beliefs.


I don't know if I had that particular experience (the Salem Witch Hunt) or not, but I had other experiences in other lives of a similar effect. Basically being punished and killed for my spiritual beliefs.


This isn't unique to people who embrace intuitive quantum physics (hi, that's me! That's what energyworkers do!).


Many groups have been persecuted for differing spiritual beliefs. Like during the HOLOCAUST.


Y'all, people are even punished TODAY for differing spiritual/religious beliefs.

I'm thinking especially about folks who are Jewish, Muslim, Native / Indigenous, Hindu, etc. 


Personal confession: In the current political climate of the United States, I actually find MYSELF navigating around irrational fears that I'll be carted away for my spiritual beliefs that divert from the mainstream. 


For me, this fear originates from many sources.

The fact is that my family is Jewish. The Holocaust directly impacted my family. I am the great-granddaughter of immigrants who worked so hard to get to this country and build a new life. I've inherited familial fear of religious persecution that goes way, way back to ancient times (if you know anything about Passover and Chanukah, you know what I'm talking about!). 

And like I said before, I've had situations in other lives regarding spiritual persecution. 

This soul-level trauma speaks up each time I step further and further into embracing my intuition and spirituality. 


Can you imagine how frightening it's been for me to literally open a spiritual business in this political climate?? 


But you know what? I KNOW deep down that I CHOSE to incarnate on Earth at this time so that I could help people.

I know that this timing was an intentional decision made by the Divine and my soul. My "spiritual awakening" a few years ago was perfectly timed, too.

It all helped me be on track for helping people to heal and step into LOVE.  

I do NOT use fear as a reason not to do my spiritual work!

I do NOT let the fear own me.


I do not make decisions out of fear. I do not let fear prevent me from HELPING people, especially in an intuitive manner (such as writing this post or opening my business or even expanding my offerings). 


The point is: Yes, if you're intuitive, it can be really hard to express your abilities. You may have been punished in another life for being intuitive. You may even receive backlash in THIS life for expressing your intuitive abilities.


This isn't a reason to feel like a victim.


This isn't a reason to NOT embrace your natural gifts.


At each juncture of life, we have CHOICE. We get to choose how to respond.


Consider making an empowering choice.


Acknowledge that you have fear. You can understand, "Oh, this is not actually all from my present situation. I'm remembering (consciously or unconsciously) trauma from other situations. And because of that, I'm feeling extra uncomfortable in this present situation."


Take a breath.


Be present.


If you've accidentally blown everything out of proportion due to fear, smile at yourself and calmly reevaluate the actual situation right in front of you.


Take baby steps in the right direction. 

You don't need to make huge sweeping changes overnight.


It can be really uncomfortable to really embrace one's intuition.


I went through a lot of fear myself. I still have fear to process.


This very public post is a huge step forward for me.

Sure, you all have probably heard by now that I'm intuitive. But past life trauma? Soul-level fear and choices? That's a whole new ballgame. It's a whole new level of vulnerable expression. 



As I continue to express myself authentically, I love and accept myself more deeply.

As it happens, this helps the people around me love and accept themselves more deeply too. 

I've received several messages from people saying how my posts (esp. on Facebook) have helped them to embrace their own intuition more deeply. 

A huge reason why I'm even making this post is because I hope that it helps other folks acknowledge soul-level trauma, make empowering decisions, and embrace their intuition. 

I hope this post is like a virtual compassionate hug for readers who have known in some way that they're navigating past-life trauma, but haven't had someone to talk to about it. 

I honor you, Dear Reader, wherever you are on your journey through life! <3 


I think there's some idea out there that "someday" we'll be finished experiencing fear.


I don't think that's a reasonable expectation for the human life experience.


I've yet to meet someone who never, ever, ever experiences fear or discomfort.

It's not like you clear your fears once and you're done with it forever.


As you move forward in life, you'll encounter new situations that encourage you to release deeper and deeper levels of fear that might inhibit your growth.


I think being human is all about learning how to navigate out of fear and into love.

We are dynamic human beings who can be easily startled by new or unplanned circumstances.


We might dip into fear without meaning to. That's okay! I wholeheartedly recommend acknowledging the fear and then making decisions from a place of EMPOWERMENT (not fear).


You have an immense amount of power via your Choice and Free Will. Boxing yourself into fear-based victim-mode is probably not going to be the most helpful way to approach life.


So what do YOU CHOOSE? Allow your intention to shape your experience.

Open the door to brilliant possibilities that you hadn't even known were available to you!

Choose what's in alignment for you. 

Perhaps you'll lean further into your intuitive knowings. 

May your journeys be full of loving growth experiences from the universe!

Love and Light to you! 

<3 Marley 



If you wish to explore how past life experiences (choices) are affecting you currently, reach out to me!

I use the Akashic Records to help release past-life trauma.

The Akashic Records are an energetic blueprint of the choices your soul has made over your lifetimes. It can show what other-life experiences are impacting you now. We can clear those issues so you're better able to make empowered choices. 

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