5 simple steps to get unstuck when you feel icky

Simple steps to get unstuck, even when you feel really icky

So today I felt kind of icky. I was feeling down, anxious, and a little negative. I've been traveling over the past month, so I haven't had much of a routine. I'm in the midst of reestablishing a routine and getting back into the swing of things since I arrived home Monday night.

I think the icky feelings were exacerbated by how I hadn't been in a stable routine. Plus, the fatigue of personal growth and travel.

Anyway, here's how I coped today:


Seriously, don't judge yourself, even when you feel anxious / unproductive / stuck / worried / etc.

One of my favorite things to say to myself is, "Even though I (feel icky / am worried / etc.) I love, honor, and accept myself deeply, fully, and completely."

Love yourself as you would love someone who is dear to you!!

And do whatever you can to nourish yourself.


Seriously, I cannot even tell you how many times my spirit guides have told me to just take a nap.

It really helps to halt feelings of worry and overwhelm.

A 20-30 minute nap is an incredible reset button!

Plus, sometimes your guides / angels / guardians / the Divine have an easier time communicating their wisdom and suggestions with you when you're unconscious (because your conscious mind isn't getting in the way when you're sleeping!)

I often wake from naps feeling like I've unconsciously received Divine guidance. I don't always know what it was, but it's not important for me to consciously know the guidance upon waking. I trust I've received and integrated all that I need.

Also: my ears often ring a bit after a nap -- one of my personal signs that my guides and angels are talking to me! :)


Sending client emails, creating content, or going to client appointments really helps me get out of my head and into my flow of passion!

It transmutes the "blehhhhhh" into "woohoooo!!" when I get to serve the world!


Seriously, go drink some water and eat some nourishing food.

Do it. Do it now. 

Most of us (myself included at times!) are not hydrating enough throughout the day!

I can't even tell you the number of times that a big glass of water and a nourishing meal have completely shifted my mood and outlook on life!


Stretch, dance, exercise, walk, massage yourself. Whatever feels good for you in that moment.

So often, we neglect our physical needs and don't move around as much as we need to.

Even just taking a moment to stretch or rub your feet (perhaps with your favorite essential oil!) can shift your mood and energy! :)




What are some of your favorite ways to get unstuck and back into flow?? <3 <3