My First Cacao Ceremony - Plant Medicine

Have you ever heard of Plant Medicine?


No, it's not like the Western medicine. It's a Shamanic / spiritual / energetic style of wellness and healing. It invites a spiritual plant ally to help you spiritually, energetically, physically, emotionally, and mentally.

I performed my first Cacao ceremony today. It was a powerful experience.


At the beginning of my ceremony, Cacaocita told me (through my intuitive perception): "I am authentic expression. I awaken your intuitive authentic expression."


My goodness, she was right! I ended up spending a few hours (the time passed so quickly!) channeling personal messages from Cacaocita, a passed loved one, and some of my guides. I had no idea I could channel like this, but it just happened! I wrote pages and pages and pages of loving spiritual messages. I was shown images, including childhood memories that I've not even thought of for more than a decade!


Cacaocita offered healing insight to me through her messages. She helped to catalyze my healing and growth. I am so excited to continue working with her! This is just the beginning. She has much to teach me.

Last night, I began the book The Sophia Code. I realized during my ceremony this morning that it was absolute Divine Timing for me to begin that book last night and to have my first Cacao ceremony today. Together, these two resources will help me to open my heart and express True Love and Light. Goddess Sophia confirmed this for me. I could feel how Goddess Sophia was working through Lady Cacao so that I could access myself and the Divine more clearly and deeply. (I'm going to write more about this book later! It deserves its own blog post!)


Lady Cacao is a spiritual plant ally that helps people connect with their heart. It can also enhance spiritual growth and intuitive ability. It is an honor to work with Cacao in this way.


It is also an honor to learn from Sena, who has worked with Cacao Medicine for two years (she even studied in Peru!). Her reverence for Cacao is beautiful. You can find her website here:


I will write more about my experiences with Cacao so you can learn along with me! 

So thankful to learn from Cacaocita, to open my heart, to further my healing, develop my intuitive ability. and to deepen my connection with the Divine. <3 ☕ #Cacaotribe #openyourheartwithcacao


By the way, I am not offering medical advice with this post! If you wish to consume a ceremonial dose of Cacao, make sure it is safe for you to do so! You are 100% responsible for your well-being. 

If you wish to work with me, I offer  Reiki + Intuitive Insight + Compassionate Coaching, as well as Akashic Records readings. I receive Divine messages / insight and help to facilitate healing you YOU! 

I would love to share my Love and Light with you <3 Reach out to me today!