Abundance, Support, Release - Card Reading

[ [ Abundance / Support / Release ] ]

These three cards popped up! I've set the intention that you'll see this post/card spread whenever it's best meant to help you -- so it's still applicable to you even many days after I post this!


Dear reader, many good things are coming your way!

Perhaps you're familiar with astrology, or perhaps not. At the time of this card drawing, we recently had a major solar eclipse!!

In astrology, this solar eclipse was a physical reflection of the need for releasing what no longer serves our highest good. It beckoned for new beginnings. (This theme has come up a lot lately in my card readings.)

Dear One, it's time to release what no longer serves you. Maybe you already consciously know what that is, and maybe it's time to take a few moments to reflect on what no longer "fits" or feels good in your life.

Reflect on what you can do to release the pieces of your life that are holding you back from positive growth. Send compassion to the situation and allow yourself to make empowering choices that uphold your integrity. (This does NOT mean overextending ourselves in a way that negatively enables others.)

"It's your lucky day!" -- Continuing our theme of new beginnings, be on the look out for new opportunities that arise.

Take swift, thoughtful action to welcome in these new opportunities for abundance that are aligned to you!

And by the way, you're not alone in this. Sometimes big changes can be frightening. I know a lot of people feel a bit overwhelmed these days (the solar eclipse was very powerful -- even if you don't follow astrology! ;)).

There is a sense of the pressure of a looming deadline. As if we need to scramble and rush to finish what we're doing.

Take a deep breath. Remember that you have support all around you! Reach out for support when you need it and remember that self-care is ESSENTIAL!!

Reach out to friends, family, and even the Divine (however you connect with the Divine! Angels, guides, ascended masters, higher self, God, etc.).

Be mindful of your thoughts. Are you speaking kindly toward yourself?

Negative self-talk really can make it far more difficult to achieve our desires. When you notice yourself "going down the rabbit hole" of negative self-talk, gently redirect your thoughts.

Fun fact: You've survived every single harsh situation in your life! You'll make it through this one, too! :) <3



Want some extra support??


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