How I Knew I Was a Medium

For most of my life, I didn't know that had the potential to be a medium. 


In case you're unfamiliar with the term, "medium" means someone who can connect with and relay messages from passed loved ones -- usually a friend or family member. 

This is slightly different from "channeling" -- which denotes a connection with and relay of messages from any spiritual being, including spirit guides, angels, ascended masters, etc. 

So anyway, back to my story of self-discovery. I had recently been trained in Reiki, which really accelerated my spiritual awakening. I was finally understanding my various "sensitivities" that I had never known what to do with. 

I essentially was Divinely guided to take an online mediumship workshop.

I had just arrived home. I hopped on to Facebook and saw a post from the mediumship teacher. She was hosting this class in a spiritual entrepreneurship group program that I was in. Her post said that class was about to start.

In my gut, I KNEW I had to take that class!

I hadn't been anticipating attending, but on that intuitive whim, I did! I ended up being the only student there, so it was essentially a private lesson!

I ended up doing pretty well. I received some evidence from my teacher's passed loved one that she could verify. I was so surprised at my talents! 

Shortly after the class, my Nana visited me.

She had passed many years prior. I recognized her because of her perfume! Unmistakable grandma-scent!

I ended up writing out a conversation between me and her. I now realize I had been doing automatic writing (a form of channeling). I actually taught a whole workshop on this that you can take right now!

My Nana told me things that I could not possibly have known. I later asked my aunt about some of what my Nana told me and my aunt verified it was true!!

So suddenly, I knew I was a medium. 

At the urgings of my Nana and the Divine, I took a mediumship course with Lindsay Marino. She is an incredible teacher! 

I don't usually do mediumship-only readings. However, sometimes passed loved ones will show up during my client's appointments and I'll relay messages then! It's usually spontaneous, but helps my client with deep healing. It's such an honor to have this gift!

The truth is that we all have the capacity to be mediums and channels of the Divine!

That's right, YOU could be a medium or channel, too!

Want to learn how to connect with passed loved ones, spirit guides, or any other Divine being through your written word?? Take my Automatic Writing Workshop! 

This workshop will teach you the basics of automatic writing! Check it out!