A surprising message from a passed loved one

A friend's passed loved one recently told me (during a mediumship reading) that he died because he couldn't accept the love that was all around him while he had been incarnated.

(As you can see, passed loved ones often have a VERY different perspective than us incarnated beings. I was asking for the physical cause of death and then he dropped THIS universal truth!!!)

This passed loved one told me that while alive, he was extremely kind to others but quite critical of himself. And if someone were to be loving toward him, he would just reflect that love back out to the other person, rather than taking it in to his own heart.

He said that despite his wide social circle, he actually felt quite alone because he didn't really let people in.

I asked him to clarify for me what his physical symptoms were.

He gave me the sensations of a heart attack (tightness in the chest, shallow breathing, upper back / neck / arm pain) and said his heart simply stopped because there wasn't enough love in it.

Love is a powerful force that is not fully understood by science. I'm not just talking about romantic love. I mean that deep Love from the Universe.

I believe that we all come from Love. That at our core, we ARE Love. But sometimes fear gets in the way of that, so we forget.

Cultivating a deep and healthy sense of self-love and being able to ACCEPT the love that is inherently within and around you is one of the most healing things we can do. And this passed loved one literally told me he died from not letting the love in. That really struck a chord in me.


Beneath so many illnesses is a foundation of low self-worth, self-criticism, worry, fear, and feelings of inadequacy. Yes, there are often legitimate physical happenings (neurotransmitters are imbalanced, blood chemistry is off, inflammation is rampant) but what causes that to begin with? There are many possible answers.

Whatever the answer, adding in more Love can always help.

Anita Morjani wrote about this in her book "Dying to be Me," in which she describes her near-death experience that she had as a result of cancer. She was deemed terminal and essentially died -- only to come back to life and into spontaneous remission within weeks of her near-death experience.


Anita wrote, “One of the biggest lessons I learned from nearly dying of cancer is the importance of loving myself unconditionally. In fact, learning to love and accept myself unconditionally is what healed me and brought me back from the brink of death.”


Why is it that we forget the unconditional Love that we are made from?

At what age do we forget this Love?

And when will you choose to remember?


The Love is always there. We just have to let it in.