When I had my own Akashic Records read

Here's what changed when I received my own Akashic Records reading + clearing:


I came to actually KNOW who I am at the deepest level.

In case you couldn't tell, I am alllllll about Divine Love. It's actually the core of who I am as a soul!

And it's what I center my business (and life!) around.

I knew that in many different ways already, but having it confirmed was extraordinarily healing and soothing.

I learned that souls like me are natural healers. Even just our presence (whether in-person or virtual presence) is healing and soothing.

Souls like me (Divine Love) help people understand that they're really not broken. We help people come to see themselves as whole, as loved, as inherently worthy!

Souls like me are relationship-driven. The tricky part is that our default is to give, give, give. We can over-give in a way that isn't helpful for ourselves or the other person.

Divine Love folks must carefully tend to and enforce boundaries because of our tendency to over-give.

One of my biggest lessons these days is actually learning to RECEIVE! And to not feel guilty about receiving.

Divine Love is just one of the several different core essences of souls.

Each soul has a primary core essence that sets the tone for their life. Mine is Divine Love. Yours could be something different!

Confirming who you are at such a deep level is extraordinarily healing and soothing -- and we haven't even gotten into all of the blocks and restrictions that can be cleared from your Records!

BEFORE my Akashic Records reading, I felt like I was sprawling all over the place, trying to do and be so many things.

Knowing about my Divine Love essence helped me to focus. It helped me understand how to best move forward in life. I no longer felt overwhelmed by all of the options of what to do. I felt clarity. I felt comforted. I felt strong. <3

If you're curious about who you are at soul-level -- let me know! :)