Everything You Need to Know About Lobbying

I lobbied against a very damaging and misguided bill today. It was my first time ever lobbying! 


I want to share with you some helpful tips and what I learned so that you can exercise your democratic privileges, too! Your voice deserves to be heard and it's important that you let your Senators and Representatives know your opinions! 

Note: Lobbying (meeting in-person) is most effective. If you can't do that, make a call. Calls are more effective than emails because people have to actually answer the phone and listen to you! But of course, there's no harm in doing all three things!! 



Take time to prepare yourself physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and energetically 


Legislature can be so highly personal because it can have a direct impact on our ways of life.

This particular bill that I was lobbying against was quite triggering for me because it proposed very misguided and convoluted restrictions that would impact or totally halt many holistic practitioners from running their business -- and therefore, it would also impact all recipients of such holistic care! 

I found myself feeling afraid of losing my career and I also felt this triggering whole other lifetimes and generations of oppression involving spirituality, earth-based healing, and women. 

So I sat down and really honored my feelings. I felt through the rage. I created a sacred space. I used sage and palo santo to help cleanse my energy. I used essential oils to help me process my emotions and energy blocks. I worked with ceremonial cacao to help open up my self-expression. I prayed aloud to God and meditated. 

By giving myself space to honor those feelings, I was able to channel my personal rage into empowered action. I ended up entering the State House feeling far more confident and grounded than I would have otherwise. 


  • Create a safe and sacred space to feel your feelings
  • Do self-care practices
  • Eat nourishing foods and drink water
  • Stretch or exercise
  • Use essential oils to help yourself ground and shift your energy
  • Talk to a friend or family member

Read the bill that you'll be speaking on

Seems obvious, right? But you need to actually sit down and read the full bill yourself. Don't just blindly trust all the hear-say. Do your homework!

Read the bill several times so that you know what it says and can confidently speak on it. 

Write out a 1-sheet document full of reasons why you're supporting or opposing the bill

This will help you to organize your thoughts. 

Make sure you "speak their (the Legislators') language." That means that you need to write out exactly WHY this bill is harmful or helpful. How will it impact people and the economy? 

Does it hold implications on veterans, trauma-survivors, opioid crisis, healthcare crisis, public health, safety, etc.? 

Will this bill end up costing money to the state? 

Are there alternatives to this bill that you oppose or support? List those and provide a description. 

You can even provide references to previous bills that didn't pass. 

If you're opposing a bill, is there an alternative bill that you would be in support of? It can be helpful to say, "I oppose this, but I I support this one!" Explain why. 

Keep your argument summary to a 1-page, single-sided document if possible. You can have even more arguments that you speak through, but really put only the most compelling arguments on the document. A 1-page summary will be a great quick-reference guide for your Legislators and their aides who are already so busy!

Print many copies of that 1-sheet document

You'll want to have enough copies so that you can hand it to every single Senator, Representative, and aide that you speak to.

Not only is this helpful for you to organize your own thoughts, but it's also really helpful to have that physical document to hand out. Our legislators and their aides have so much paperwork to sift through. Creating that 1-sheet document of info not only helps you to organize your own thoughts on the bill, but it helps them to more quickly understand what you're trying to convey. It will also help them when they wish to review the bill in the future because they'll have something succinct to refer to. 

Double-check the number assigned to the bill, as the number will change after it's passed by one legislative branch. Senate bills and House bills each have their own numbers. 

Print several copies of the bill

Keep one for yourself and hand out copies to legislators and their aides, as needed. 

Figure out where the bill is in its process of moving through the Legislative branch

Is it in the House? The Senate? Is there a particular committee assigned to oversee this bill? 

Figure out who you need to speak to today.

In the bill I was lobbying against, it had been assigned to the House Ways and Means Committee, which would then decide if the bill would be heard in session and voted on. Therefore, I focused my attentions on the the Ways and Means Committee.

Pay special attention to the Chair and Vice Chair of any committee that is overseeing the bill. 

Also, be sure to contact your own Senator or Representative that oversees your district. They'll be more likely to listen to you because you're their constituent. 

For good measure, make sure you also contact the Minority Leader of the House or Senate, too.

Print out a list of names and room numbers of legislators that you want to talk to

Then take notes on this document as you speak to people. Take note of what you spoke about, what they were concerned about, and whether they were leaning toward opposing or supporting the bill.

Call ahead to try to make an appointment 

If you can make an appointment with your legislator, that's ideal! If they're not available, speak to their aide. Aides are in direct contact with the legislators and help to inform the legislators of bills and public opinion.

Can't make an appointment? No worries! Show up anyway and ask to speak to the legislator or aide.

Bring business cards with your contact info

If you don't have business cards, print or write out your contact info: Full name, phone number, email, and anything else that might be relevant to what you'll be speaking on. 

Hand a business card to every Legislator or aide that you speak with.

Plan a lobby day for a whole group of like-minded advocates

Show up in numbers. I found it effective for 30 or so of us to visit our legislators in groups of 1-3 people throughout the course of one day. When they keep getting office visits from many different people throughout the day who are advocating for the same thing, they'll really pay attention. 

Call and email your legislators

That will help bring the bill to the attention of the legislators. It's helpful if a bill has already been brought to their attention by the public by the time that you show up in-person. If they've been receiving a lot of calls and emails and then you show up in-person to speak with them, they'll really pay attention to you and what you're saying.

What to do when you're actually lobbying

Dress appropriately

I know, I know -- clothes and appearance shouldn't matter. Formal clothing is elitist in nature. And using appearance as a judge of whether or not someone should be taken seriously is wrong. But that's a discussion for another time. 

The fact is that appearances matter to a lot of people, including many legislators. First impressions matter a lot when you only have a few minutes to get your point across. You want your legislators to take you seriously and not be distracted by your choice of clothing.

Dress "business casual" if you can. Make sure your shoulders and thighs are covered. Wear nice shoes. Brush your hair. This is the typical dress code for those who work in the government. 

Wear comfortable shoes! You'll be on your feet a lot! You'll be walking throughout the State House and be standing while you meet with legislators and their aides. This might not be the best day for high heels!

Bring water, a snack, and anything else for personal comfort

I personally brought essential oils. I used them before and after speaking with people, as it helped to calm my nerves and to give me a helpful boost in energy. 

Lobbying takes effort and energy! 

Bring the lobbying materials that you need


  • Copies of your 1-sheet argument summary **
  • Copies of the bill 
  • Your business cards **
  • A list of everyone you want to speak to
  • Any other resources that might be helpful

** bring enough copies of these so that you can hand one to each Legislator or aide that you speak with!

Arrive early

Especially if you have a scheduled appointment, you'll want to arrive early so that you can find your way around the building and get through security

You don't want to be late to your appointment. Navigating the State House can be a little complicated, depending on the layout of your State House!

Even if you don't have a scheduled appointment, arrive early so that you don't feel rushed and so that you can acclimate yourself to your environment. The State House can feel a little intense!

Silence your phone

Duh -- you don't it to interrupt an important conversation! It can feel disrespectful to someone who is taking time out of their busy day to speak with you if you're distracted by your phone.

Begin lobbying in the morning or early afternoon

I noticed that the activity started tapering down by about 4:30PM. It seems like the best hours of activity are 10AM-4PM. 

Walk into an office, introduce yourself, and ask to speak with the legislator

Ask for the Representative or Senator by name (also: obviously, you want to personally be clear on whose office you're in!).

The aide or assistant might ask what group you're here with. If you're here with an organization, say so. Or you can say that you're here in opposition to / support of a particular bill. 

If you have an appointment, great! If not, you can probably still speak with someone.

If the legislator isn't available to meet with you, ask to speak with an aide. Speaking with an aide is quite helpful, as they help to inform legislators of what bills are circulating and public opinion. Aides might even know how the legislator is leaning or how they tend to vote!

Thank people for meeting with you

It's common courtesy, right? But be extra courteous. Shake hands, introduce yourself, and thank the person for meeting with you. 

Be polite

If you're feeling very upset by the bill, take time to feel that out before your arrive at the State House. 

While speaking with legislators and aides, you want to be very polite. You can certainly be passionate when speaking, but don't be rude. Legislators and their aides are here to serve the public. They hear from countless people every day, and I'm sure they get some unpleasant comments hurled at them. Be kind. Kindness doesn't mean you won't stand firm with what you believe in. It just means that you're not "shooting the messenger" or misdirecting your anger. Use your words wisely.

Have your 1-sheet summary + business card + copy of the bill handy

Hand the legislator or aide your 1-sheet summary. Tell them what bill you're speaking about. If they aren't familiar with the bill, hand them a copy.

Share some of your key points. Share a personal story and talk about how the bill would impact people. If you can draw on specific personal examples or statistics, that's helpful! 

Ask them if they have any questions for you. 

At the end, hand them your business card (or any piece of paper with your contact info). Invite them to contact you if they have any further questions. 

If you're speaking with an aide, ask for their business card

You want to ask for their business card so that you can follow up with a friendly email.

You can find the contact info of your legislators online, so you don't need to ask them for their business card. 

Keep track of who you've spoken to and what their response was

Especially take note of personal details in the conversation. What questions did they have? Did you meet in an unusual place that wasn't their office? For example, perhaps you were walking with them as they went into session. You'll want to remind them of that so that they can more easily recall the conversation.

Take note of what objections there were. 

Take note of whether they're leaning in favor or opposition of the bill, if they tell you such information. 

Also note what points you made that seemed to really resonate with them. 

After lobbying

Send followup emails

This is where business cards and notes come in handy! Send followup emails to any aids and legislators that you spoke with. Mention specific details of that conversation. 

Also email any legislator that you weren't able to speak with directly. If you spoke with an aide of theirs, write that in the email. 

Post on social media

Make posts before, during, and after. Tell people what you're doing and why you're doing it! 

Having pictures of you can be especially helpful because it seems more personal that way. 

Share clear information on what the bill is, how to get involved, and what you're learning.


Lobbying and advocacy are hard work. It can be especially exhausting when there is a piece of legislature that is threatening something that you hold near and dear.

Make sure you re-hydrate, eat good food, do some self-care activities, and rest!

If you have some emotions that are coming up, be sure to create space to honor them.


How I Knew I Was a Medium

For most of my life, I didn't know that had the potential to be a medium. 


In case you're unfamiliar with the term, "medium" means someone who can connect with and relay messages from passed loved ones -- usually a friend or family member. 

This is slightly different from "channeling" -- which denotes a connection with and relay of messages from any spiritual being, including spirit guides, angels, ascended masters, etc. 

So anyway, back to my story of self-discovery. I had recently been trained in Reiki, which really accelerated my spiritual awakening. I was finally understanding my various "sensitivities" that I had never known what to do with. 

I essentially was Divinely guided to take an online mediumship workshop.

I had just arrived home. I hopped on to Facebook and saw a post from the mediumship teacher. She was hosting this class in a spiritual entrepreneurship group program that I was in. Her post said that class was about to start.

In my gut, I KNEW I had to take that class!

I hadn't been anticipating attending, but on that intuitive whim, I did! I ended up being the only student there, so it was essentially a private lesson!

I ended up doing pretty well. I received some evidence from my teacher's passed loved one that she could verify. I was so surprised at my talents! 

Shortly after the class, my Nana visited me.

She had passed many years prior. I recognized her because of her perfume! Unmistakable grandma-scent!

I ended up writing out a conversation between me and her. I now realize I had been doing automatic writing (a form of channeling). I actually taught a whole workshop on this that you can take right now!

My Nana told me things that I could not possibly have known. I later asked my aunt about some of what my Nana told me and my aunt verified it was true!!

So suddenly, I knew I was a medium. 

At the urgings of my Nana and the Divine, I took a mediumship course with Lindsay Marino. She is an incredible teacher! 

I don't usually do mediumship-only readings. However, sometimes passed loved ones will show up during my client's appointments and I'll relay messages then! It's usually spontaneous, but helps my client with deep healing. It's such an honor to have this gift!

The truth is that we all have the capacity to be mediums and channels of the Divine!

That's right, YOU could be a medium or channel, too!

Want to learn how to connect with passed loved ones, spirit guides, or any other Divine being through your written word?? Take my Automatic Writing Workshop! 

This workshop will teach you the basics of automatic writing! Check it out! 

When I had my own Akashic Records read

Here's what changed when I received my own Akashic Records reading + clearing:


I came to actually KNOW who I am at the deepest level.

In case you couldn't tell, I am alllllll about Divine Love. It's actually the core of who I am as a soul!

And it's what I center my business (and life!) around.

I knew that in many different ways already, but having it confirmed was extraordinarily healing and soothing.

I learned that souls like me are natural healers. Even just our presence (whether in-person or virtual presence) is healing and soothing.

Souls like me (Divine Love) help people understand that they're really not broken. We help people come to see themselves as whole, as loved, as inherently worthy!

Souls like me are relationship-driven. The tricky part is that our default is to give, give, give. We can over-give in a way that isn't helpful for ourselves or the other person.

Divine Love folks must carefully tend to and enforce boundaries because of our tendency to over-give.

One of my biggest lessons these days is actually learning to RECEIVE! And to not feel guilty about receiving.

Divine Love is just one of the several different core essences of souls.

Each soul has a primary core essence that sets the tone for their life. Mine is Divine Love. Yours could be something different!

Confirming who you are at such a deep level is extraordinarily healing and soothing -- and we haven't even gotten into all of the blocks and restrictions that can be cleared from your Records!

BEFORE my Akashic Records reading, I felt like I was sprawling all over the place, trying to do and be so many things.

Knowing about my Divine Love essence helped me to focus. It helped me understand how to best move forward in life. I no longer felt overwhelmed by all of the options of what to do. I felt clarity. I felt comforted. I felt strong. <3

If you're curious about who you are at soul-level -- let me know! :)

5 simple steps to get unstuck when you feel icky

Simple steps to get unstuck, even when you feel really icky

So today I felt kind of icky. I was feeling down, anxious, and a little negative. I've been traveling over the past month, so I haven't had much of a routine. I'm in the midst of reestablishing a routine and getting back into the swing of things since I arrived home Monday night.

I think the icky feelings were exacerbated by how I hadn't been in a stable routine. Plus, the fatigue of personal growth and travel.

Anyway, here's how I coped today:


Seriously, don't judge yourself, even when you feel anxious / unproductive / stuck / worried / etc.

One of my favorite things to say to myself is, "Even though I (feel icky / am worried / etc.) I love, honor, and accept myself deeply, fully, and completely."

Love yourself as you would love someone who is dear to you!!

And do whatever you can to nourish yourself.


Seriously, I cannot even tell you how many times my spirit guides have told me to just take a nap.

It really helps to halt feelings of worry and overwhelm.

A 20-30 minute nap is an incredible reset button!

Plus, sometimes your guides / angels / guardians / the Divine have an easier time communicating their wisdom and suggestions with you when you're unconscious (because your conscious mind isn't getting in the way when you're sleeping!)

I often wake from naps feeling like I've unconsciously received Divine guidance. I don't always know what it was, but it's not important for me to consciously know the guidance upon waking. I trust I've received and integrated all that I need.

Also: my ears often ring a bit after a nap -- one of my personal signs that my guides and angels are talking to me! :)


Sending client emails, creating content, or going to client appointments really helps me get out of my head and into my flow of passion!

It transmutes the "blehhhhhh" into "woohoooo!!" when I get to serve the world!


Seriously, go drink some water and eat some nourishing food.

Do it. Do it now. 

Most of us (myself included at times!) are not hydrating enough throughout the day!

I can't even tell you the number of times that a big glass of water and a nourishing meal have completely shifted my mood and outlook on life!


Stretch, dance, exercise, walk, massage yourself. Whatever feels good for you in that moment.

So often, we neglect our physical needs and don't move around as much as we need to.

Even just taking a moment to stretch or rub your feet (perhaps with your favorite essential oil!) can shift your mood and energy! :)




What are some of your favorite ways to get unstuck and back into flow?? <3 <3

A surprising message from a passed loved one

A friend's passed loved one recently told me (during a mediumship reading) that he died because he couldn't accept the love that was all around him while he had been incarnated.

(As you can see, passed loved ones often have a VERY different perspective than us incarnated beings. I was asking for the physical cause of death and then he dropped THIS universal truth!!!)

This passed loved one told me that while alive, he was extremely kind to others but quite critical of himself. And if someone were to be loving toward him, he would just reflect that love back out to the other person, rather than taking it in to his own heart.

He said that despite his wide social circle, he actually felt quite alone because he didn't really let people in.

I asked him to clarify for me what his physical symptoms were.

He gave me the sensations of a heart attack (tightness in the chest, shallow breathing, upper back / neck / arm pain) and said his heart simply stopped because there wasn't enough love in it.

Love is a powerful force that is not fully understood by science. I'm not just talking about romantic love. I mean that deep Love from the Universe.

I believe that we all come from Love. That at our core, we ARE Love. But sometimes fear gets in the way of that, so we forget.

Cultivating a deep and healthy sense of self-love and being able to ACCEPT the love that is inherently within and around you is one of the most healing things we can do. And this passed loved one literally told me he died from not letting the love in. That really struck a chord in me.


Beneath so many illnesses is a foundation of low self-worth, self-criticism, worry, fear, and feelings of inadequacy. Yes, there are often legitimate physical happenings (neurotransmitters are imbalanced, blood chemistry is off, inflammation is rampant) but what causes that to begin with? There are many possible answers.

Whatever the answer, adding in more Love can always help.

Anita Morjani wrote about this in her book "Dying to be Me," in which she describes her near-death experience that she had as a result of cancer. She was deemed terminal and essentially died -- only to come back to life and into spontaneous remission within weeks of her near-death experience.


Anita wrote, “One of the biggest lessons I learned from nearly dying of cancer is the importance of loving myself unconditionally. In fact, learning to love and accept myself unconditionally is what healed me and brought me back from the brink of death.”


Why is it that we forget the unconditional Love that we are made from?

At what age do we forget this Love?

And when will you choose to remember?


The Love is always there. We just have to let it in.


I never thought I'd eat this way + easy recipe

When people hear about my nutritional regimen (AKA the foods that I eat / don't eat), they usually say something like, "Oh, I could never do that. I love [insert favorite food here] too much to ever give it up."

I used to think that way, too.

But the truth is, if you're in enough pain (and if you want to feel better), you'll change your life however you need to in order to feel better.

I never thought I'd stop eating animal products. Or salt. Or oil. Or sugar. Or gluten.

In fact, at my lowest points, sugary, gluten-y, and salty things seemed to keep me going. And I was convinced that I needed (a LOT) animal protein in order to not feel faint.

My transition to my current diet was a slow one.

With each shift in diet came a big detox that was often extraordinarily uncomfortable for the first few weeks.

But then I always felt better.

I kept feeling better and better and better. (So please, if you are changing your diet, do not let the detox symptoms fool you! They tricked me at first. But once I knew what was happening, I trusted that I could wait it out and that I'd feel better.)

I don't even remember the last day I had meat. My body just stopped wanting it as I ate more and more beans. (Many people object to beans, saying it makes them "windy" -- well, your body adjusts and you're not chronically "windy" once you regularly eat beans, so don't worry :P )

Meat, sugar, dairy, salt, oil -- those are all highly addictive foods. I never thought I'd stop eating them. But once I stopped eating some of them and supplemented with more plants, I felt better. And I was able to see the addictive effect they had on me.

And sure, sometimes I have cravings for what I no longer eat. But a temporary craving does not EVER feel worth the pain that I'd feel if I went back to how I used to eat.

If you're in enough pain, you'll do anything to feel better.

Including changing your diet.

Someone asked me recently what the turning point was -- when I REALLY started to heal from my 9-year-long chronic mystery illness.

The first truly major turning point was changing my diet. It really allowed me to open myself up to a new world of possibilities, including a new way of thinking and engaging with the world (which led to my spiritual awakening and shifting into a more empowering mindset).

Plants have tremendous power, y'all. Plants are natural healers.

I encourage you to find the way that YOU best engage with the world! <3 





  • 1 sweetpotato
  • 1 cup broccoli
  • 1/2 tbsp tahini 
  • 1/8 tsp onion powder
  • 1/8 tsp garlic powder
  • juice from 1/4 lemon
  • 1-2 tbsp water
  • 2 basil leaves, chopped
  • optional: salt, pepper, other seasonings
  • 1/2 can beans


- Bake or microwave 1 sweetpotato

- Mix sauce: tahini + lemon juice + garlic powder + onion powder + basil + water. Whisk together. Add more water if needed to make sauce more "runny"

- Steam 1 cup broccoli

- Cut open the sweet potato. Pour the beans and sauce over the sweet potato.

- ENJOY!!!  

My First Cacao Ceremony - Plant Medicine

Have you ever heard of Plant Medicine? No, it's not like the Western medicine. It's a Shamanic / spiritual / energetic style of wellness and healing. It invites a spiritual plant ally to help you spiritually, energetically, physically, emotionally, and mentally.I performed my first Cacao ceremony today. It was a powerful experience.

Read More

Confession -- Reiki Precepts

[ [ C O N F E S S I O N ] ]


(written May 2, 2017)


Until yesterday, I didn't feel much of a connection with the Reiki precepts.

That's kind of a big deal because I'm a Reiki practitioner!! And I love Reiki!!


A lot of Reiki teachers and practitioners emphasize the importance of verbally affirming the Reiki precepts daily (in English or in Japanese), and I often felt like an odd duck for not having a deep connection with the precepts. 😬 🦆 I just felt a much stronger connection with actually working with Reiki energy.


Here's one common way of phrasing the precepts in English: "Just for today: do not get angry, do not worry, be grateful, work hard, be kind to others."


While I appreciated the general ideas presented by the precepts, some of the phrasing felt limiting to me. For example: Shouldn't I acknowledge anger as it arises, rather than not feeling it? What if anger acts as an indicator that I must be an ACTIVE PARTICIPANT in the world? (I'm not saying that a person should necessarily have angry actions, but that anger can be an indicator of a deep drive to help the world become a better place.) And besides, shouldn't I be affirmed what I want to work toward, rather than saying, "Don't do this"?


After hearing Frans Stiene from International House of Reiki speak at the 5th annual Celebration of Reiki Conference yesterday, I have much greater appreciation for, connection with, and understanding of the Reiki precepts.


I now truly and deeply feel that the Reiki precepts encourage self-awareness, compassion, and staying in the present moment.

I now see the Reiki precepts as encouraging and empowering. They provide a basis from which a person can make healthy and informed decisions in life. They are loving and ask you to be your best self.


As Frans said, I now believe the precepts encourage us by what the words imply:

✨ Step into the fullness of your being! Shine the light that inherently resides within you! ✨


🦉 💚 Bonus: Frans suggested chanting the precepts in Japanese, rather than just saying the words. Wow, it makes a difference to chant them in Japanese!











Had you ever heard of the Reiki precepts? If you're a Reiki practitioner, did you always feel connected with the precepts?

If you are not a Reiki practitioner, what is your initial impression of the precepts? 

Other questions and thoughts? Comment below :)



Why Everything is Energy

Everything is Made of Energy


Understanding that everything is made of energy is one of the basic tenets of energywork and energy healing.

"But Marley," you say, with hesitation, "How could that be? I don't understand."

Not to worry, my friend! I used to not understand it. I thought it was some weird "hippie" belief that didn't have much merit. My goodness, I was wrong about that!

Energetic Understanding: Medicine's Next Great Frontier -- Dr. Oz

"Western" medicine and a lot of science don’t acknowledge energy and energetic fields (esp the human energetic field), which is such a shame, for many reasons. Energy work functions on the premise that everything is made of energy (more on this below).

Despite the lack of training in energetic healing, "Western" institutionalized medicine is coming to embrace Reiki (and other complementary modalities) as a way to help patients heal.

Dr. Oz, a famous medical doctor, professor, and TV personality believes that "the next wave of medical advances will be when we come to recognize the body as an energetic system."

Let's Talk Physics

If you've taken a basic physics class, you already know that everything has kinetic and potential energy within it. Some of that energy is in use (kinetic), and some is being "stored" for later use (potential). So already, you see that classical physics fully acknowledges that everything is made up of energy.

Let’s Get Micro

If you think about how everything is made of molecules and those molecules vibrate at certain frequencies. The frequency of vibration dictates which state (solid, liquid, gas, plasma) something is in. You may recall that molecules in a solid state vibrate more slowly than molecules in a gaseous state. Vibration is kinetic energy. Since every molecule vibrates, it is emitting energy.

Zooming in Further

Molecules are made of protons, neutrons, and electrons. Even smaller particles such as leptons and quarks make up electrons, neutrons, and protons -- and these are all vibrating at particular frequencies. Again, vibration is movement, which is kinetic energy that’s being expended.

To Summarize:

  1. Everything has kinetic and potential energy (yay, physics!).
  2. Everything is made up of molecules (and even smaller particles) that vibrate (kinetic energy) at various frequencies.

Now back to you

Since all molecules vibrate and you are composed of molecules, that means you are vibrating and emitting energy. If your being is not vibrating in the way that best suits it, you may feel unwell in a whole plethora of ways, including:

  • Stressed
  • Fatigue and/or sleep disturbances
  • Unhappy or other mood issues
  • Anxious, frazzled
  • Headaches, body pain
  • Temperature and blood pressure regulation issues
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Illness -- even chronic illness

Reiki helps to alleviate all of these issues (and more!) by ushering in healing universal energy to aid in rebalancing the energy of your being. Reiki addresses the root cause of an issue, rather than just trying to manage symptoms (one of my main critiques of “Western” medicine).

[Disclaimer: I am by no means saying that you should forego the advice of a qualified medical professional. Reiki is a complementary modality that can improve your general wellness. I am by no means offering it as a cure to your problems, medical or otherwise! You are responsible for utilizing common sense and taking care of yourself.]

Some common responses to Reiki include:


  • Feeling lighter in body, mind, and spirit

  • Decrease in pain, tension, and discomfort

  • Feeling happier and at ease

  • Feeling more capable in life

  • Decrease anxiety

  • Increased rate of healing from surgery and other medical procedures

More and more hospitals are implementing Reiki programs because they recognize how Reiki helps their patients recover their health more quickly!

I would love to chat with you about how Reiki can help YOU! Feel free to ask me any questions that you have. 


Love and light,
Marley <3