Energy Healer Training

You've received the call. 

In your heart, you've felt it for some time. 

The call to usher in more love, healing, integrity, and compassion into this world. 

The call to change how things happen.

The call to help people.

Whether or not you're ready to adopt the title, the truth is that you're a healer. And you've already been helping those around you to heal for quite some time through your loving support. 

You're sensitive to energy and you're probably an empath.

It can all be so overwhelming at times. You're ready to develop your intuition. You're ready to learn energywork.

You so desire to  help people!

That's where I come in. 


Hi, I'm Marley Jamason, your spiritual teacher. 

I, too, felt the call deep in my heart. Even as a young child, I knew I wanted to help people.

At first, I thought I would channel my efforts into becoming an MD. But then I realized: That wasn't my calling. 

My true calling is to work between the realms of spirit and physicality. To help people to remember their Divinity, their brilliant potential, their gifts. To guide people back home to their hearts. To help people heal.

I have been so ravenous for spiritual and energetic information ever since my spiritual awakening. 

So far, I have: 
- 3 degrees in Reiki
- 1 year of Alexander Technique training (hands-on healing)
- Mediumship training
- Energywork training
- Advanced training in the Akashic Records
- Self-study of essential oils
- I'm now learning astrology, gene keys, and human design
- Extensive teachings directly from Spirit

Spirit has told me: It is time to share this wisdom with you. It is time for you to Awaken.

And that's where you come in. 

It's time to Awaken your intuitive capabilities. 

It's time to Awaken your energywork capabilities. 

It's time to Awaken the wisdom inherent in you. 

Won't you join me? 

This course is highly unique.  

Not only will I be teaching you tools and skills, but I'll also teach you HOW to use these skills. How to go about conducting a session. How to take care of yourself as a practitioner. How to tap into wisdom even when you're presented with something that you've never encountered before.

Some of what I'll be teaching: 

  • Energywork / energy healing techniques (for yourself and others)
  • How to channel universal healing energy (without draining your personal energy)
  • Boundaries; Protection
  • Light-work + Shadow-work 
  • Grounding and sourcing meditation
  • Auras + Aura cleansing
  • Spirit guides
  • Channeling messages
  • Chakras
  • Compassionate approach to healing + trauma
  • How to know when it's your intuition vs fear / ego
  • Developing your clair senses
  • Journeying
  • Energy retrieval, soul retrieval, power retrieval 
  • How to conduct energywork sessions (the practicalities)
  • Finding your own personal groove with energywork + intuition
  • Business tips (if you choose to do this as a career)


  • Early bird bonus: My Energetics of Money Course - for free! 
  • Akashic Records Soul Profile reading (learn about your soul's unique gifts)


Energy Healer Training

This course will likely begin the week of September 17, 2018.

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