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Communicate clearly with your spirit guides and passed loved ones

She doesn’t just teach, she actually guides you through a beautiful process in an interactive way. Taking her workshop helped me feel more grounded and connected with the Universe at the same time.
— Erin Solomon
The class gave me tools and more clarity on how to connect with the Divine and hear the messages.
— Catherine G.

What is Automatic Writing?


Automatic Writing is a technique that some channels and mediums use in order to receive messages from the spirit realm (including: passed loved ones, spirit guides, angels, ascended masters, the Divine, etc.) through the written word. You can hand-write or type these messages (your preference!).

This is how a lot of intuitives have channeled various books. (Fun fact: A Course in Miracles is one very famous channeled text!)

It's a pretty easy technique to learn and I honestly believe that we ALL have the capability of channeling Divine messages (especially if we are given some helpful tools!) because we are all inherently connected with the Divine.


You can learn to communicate clearly with the Divine TODAY!

Automatic Writing is not reserved for an "elite few" -- it is accessible to YOU!


Learn to clearly receive messages from the Divine!

After the auto-writing was completed, I felt an incredible awe at the experience. I was floored. I’ve never intentionally communicated so clearly with my guides before and it was an exhilarating experience.
— Bethany G.
This is such an awesome tool to have as another way to connect with my guides, and in the future, be able to offer as a service for clients! Thank you!
— Amanda C.

What you'll learn: 

  • Craft an intention prayer
  • Meditation to connect with spirit realm
  • Disconnect from spirit realm when finished
  • Start automatic writing, even if you're unsure
  • Discern your own thoughts from the channeled message

You'll receive 50 minutes of pre-recorded video instruction + an automatic writing guidebook (PDF) + the opportunity to ask me questions!

Investment: $44

That's a tiny price to pay for learning a skill that you can use FOREVER!

[Marley] completely demystified [automatic writing] and broke it down into simple steps. She made it approachable and took all the fear away. I highly recommend it to anyone who needs the safety and the push!
— Martha F.


Once you develop this skill, you'll be able to use it forever and ever and ever! 

Who is this workshop for? 

  • Intuitives of all experience levels (even newbies!)
  • Those who want more clear communication with the Divine
  • Want to enhance ability to receive messages through WORDS
  • Want to enhance clairaudience and claircognizance

What is included?

  • 50 minutes of pre-recorded video instruction
  • A digital guidebook 
  • 7 days of email communication with me so that all of your questions are answered!
I was initially afraid I’d get nothing or that I’d feel like I was just writing my own thoughts. I was a little terrified that I didn’t have the connection I needed. Marley instilled a sense of confidence into me that eased the experience and made me feel comfortable.
— Bethany G.

About Marley


Marley is a catalyst for transformation! Known for helping people to easily uncover their intuitive abilities, she ushers in a lot of love, empowering insights, and tangible action steps. She loves helping intuitives and entrepreneurs get UNSTUCK! As a multi-passionate intuitive healer and business coach, she uses a wide variety of tools, including: Akashic Records, energywork, Mediumship / Channeling, Oracle Cards, and Intuitive Coaching to help her clients transform into greater abundance in life and career with ease, love, and enjoyment.