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Learn to clearly receive messages from the Divine!

This is a recording of a workshop that I did! It was AWESOME!

What you'll learn: 

  • How to craft an intention prayer to help you get "in the zone"
  • A meditation to ground, connect with source, and then to connect with the spirit that will communicate through your words
  • How to get started with auto-writing, even if you feel awkward, clunky, or unsure of yourself
  • How to discern your own thoughts from the channeled message
  • How to let your automatic writing flow! And when to know that it's complete


1 week of unlimited communication with me via voxer or email!!
Ask your questions, share your breakthroughs, receive my insights. The learning process continues even after the workshop completes, so I want to continue to support you! 


Investment: Only $22!!

That's a tiny price to pay for learning a skill that you can use FOREVER!

Have you ever heard of automatic writing?

It's a technique that some channels and mediums use in order to receive messages from the Divine (passed loved ones, spirit guides, angels, ascended masters, etc.).

Basically, you connect with a Divine being and receive Divine messages from them through your written word. You can hand-write or type these messages (your preference!).

This is how a lot of intuitives have channeled various books / texts. (Fun fact: A Course in Miracles is one very famous channeled text!)

It's a pretty easy technique to learn and I honestly believe that we ALL have the capability of channeling Divine messages (especially if we are given some helpful tools!) because we are all inherently connected with the Divine.

I personally LOVE automatic writing. It helps me to receive clear messages of love and wisdom.

My clients love it when I channel messages for them, too!

I want to share my knowledge with the world! Because like I said: We all have intuitive capabilities. Channeling is not reserved for an "elite few" -- it is accessible to YOU!

Once you use this skill, you'll be able to use if forever and ever and ever! 

I asked a former workshop participant about her experience with learning automatic writing from me. Take a look!

- What were your initial hesitations over trying auto-writing? How did you overcome these initial hesitations? 

Former Workshop Participant: "I was initially afraid I'd get nothing or that I'd feel like I was just writing my own thoughts. I was a little terrified that I didn't have the connection I needed. After discussing the process with Marley, I realized that the connection is inherently there for me and that both of these possibilities are fine and do not have anything to do with my ability to channel - I need to practice before this will happen successfully consistently so once I allowed that these possibilities were a part of the learning process I was able to proceed."


- What was Marley's teaching style like? 

Former Workshop Participant: "Marley introduced the concept, discussed her experience, gave an overview of what she was going to take me through, and then lovingly walked me through each step in a way that made me feel I was not alone but without projecting her own expectations onto me. I also loved the way she gave me permission to channel so that I felt more comfortable doing so."


- How did you feel while learning to auto-write? 

Former Workshop Participant: "Mostly it was curiosity that led me through the learning process. Marley also instilled a sense of confidence into me that eased the experience and made me feel comfortable."


- How did you feel during and after auto-writing for the first time? 

Former Workshop Participant: "While I was auto-writing I initially felt awkward and weird - much like any new experience. As I proceeded to just keep moving my pen, I felt more and more comfortable as I realized this was actually something that happens when I journal. As I went along, the message became more clear and articulate. I began to feel a surge of excitement and connection. After the auto-writing was completed, I felt an incredible awe at the experience. I was floored. I've never intentionally communicated so clearly with my guides before and it was an exhilarating experience."


- Would you recommend this to other people / who would you recommend this to (what interests, etc)? 

Former Workshop Participant: "I'd recommend this to anyone but especially those who journal or write regularly. As an avid journaler, I realized I had been tapping into this unconsciously and do believe that most people who journal regularly are very likely to have this be a natural way to connect to Source. Being more intentional about it opens up a powerful experience."

Who is this workshop intended for? 

This workshop is intended for intuitives of all experience levels. Whether you're a beginner or fairly advanced, you'll learn practical tools that you can use forever! 

This workshop is for folks who want to develop better conscious communication with the Divine so that they can receive clear messages easily!

If you feel curious about this at all, I encourage you to sign up! That's the intuitive sign that it's time to learn!


About Marley


Marley is a catalyst for transformation! Known for helping people to easily uncover their intuitive abilities, she ushers in a lot of love, empowering insights, and tangible action steps. She loves helping intuitives and entrepreneurs get UNSTUCK! As a multi-passionate intuitive healer, she uses a wide variety of tools, including: Akashic Records, Reiki, Shamanic energywork, Mediumship / Channeling, Oracle Cards, and Intuitive Coaching to help her clients transform with greater ease, love, and enjoyment.