This is for the visionary, the creative, the entrepreneur who:
- Is ready to grow their business but is totally overwhelmed
- Seeks SIMPLICITY, clarity, and focus (while still doing all the necessary things)
- Has gotten all the freebies, maybe had a few sessions with a psychic or coach, and is still feeling lost
- Is tired of fear-based hustle and strategy
- Seeks to seamlessly combine business + intuition / spirituality

Whether you’re just starting out or you already have a business, this magical monthly membership will help you to:

>> Deepen confidence in yourself + your intuition
>> Learn biz tools + strategy to sustainably uplevel your biz
>> Balance business, self-care, and social presence


Hey there, have we met yet? My name is Marley Jamason and I’m here to EVOLUTION-ize the way people do business.

I am sick and tired of rigid rules, fear-based strategy, and cookie-cutter formulas.

I’m here to teach about a new way of business-building + entrepreneurship.

My approach is centered in love, personal empowerment, collaboration (not competition!), and intuition + spirituality (whatever that means to you!).

Love note from a client!

Love note from a client!

My magical toolkit consists of:
- Akashic Records
- Energywork
- Compassionate approach to releasing trauma
- Empowering mindset
- Oracle card reading
- Channeling messages
- Soul-aligned business strategy

I love helping entrepreneurs uplevel by releasing abundance blocks + limiting beliefs and cultivating a soul-aligned business.


Monthly magic:

  • 1 business teaching (via video and / or guidebook)

  • Straight-forward weekly task(s) to help you implement the biz teaching

  • 1 intuitive / spiritual teaching or distance group energy healing (via video and / or guidebook)

  • 1 Q&A community call (ask me anything!)

  • 1 member spotlight post / video (a member shares their magic!)

  • Private Facebook community

  • Channeled messages, guest teachers, misc. teachings, as needed!

  • Email 1-3 times per month to keep you in the loop!

Sample monthly schedule:

Week 1:
Business teaching (video and / or guidebook)
Email with month’s schedule
Weekly action task announced

Week 2:
Spiritual teaching / meditation / distance energy healing (video and / or guidebook)
Weekly action task announced

Week 3:
Member spotlight video
Short channeled message or oracle card reading from me!
Weekly action task announced

Week 4:
Q&A community call
Weekly action task announced

I am designing these resources to require only 20-60 minutes per week — full of transformative info and action-packed tips that will TRULY have an impact on your business.