Akashic Records

The short version: 

I use the Akashic Records as a means to release abundance blocks and general energetic funkiness for my clients. 

The Akashic Records also offers insight as to who an individual is at soul-level, what "alignment" looks like for them, and what type of intuitive business strategy to employ. 

The Akashic Records are a starting point for our journey together. Such a reading sparks deep self-understanding and healing. It also enables me to provide soul-aligned techniques and strategies for your life and business!


The longer version:

The Akashic Records are an intuitive energetic modality. Basically, the Akashic Records are sort of like an energetic "database" (not a literal one -- this is a metaphor) for all of the choices we've made as souls over our many lifetimes.

I can access your Akashic Records to help you understand and release energetic blocks that have been holding you back. These blocks will have been rooted in a choice that you made that was out of alignment in this lifetime or a different lifetime -- and you'd still be feeling the energetic ripple effects of that choice, even if you cannot consciously articulate why you feel sort of "off" or "blocked."

I can also access your Akashic Records to understand who you are as a soul (this is the Soul Profile). It's what we also call your Divine soul blueprint, and it's how you naturally are made to function. Each soul is unique in how they best function (aka how they're "in alignment") and they have unique soul assets (aka "gifts").


Having this information about the core of who you are will help you to make soul-aligned decisions in all arenas of your life (including career), for the rest of your life. "Alignment" will look unique for each individual. Greater alignment with your Divinity / who you are as a soul leads to greater abundance, wellness, fulfillment, etc.

I help people clear their energetic blocks and build a fulfilling life and money-making career (that feels inspiring and fun!) based upon who they are as a soul. I take all this high-level spiritual information and make it easy to understand and I provide tangible action-plans so people can actually DO SOMETHING with this intuitive info. :)


Fun fact: I helped one of my clients QUINTUPLE her income in just 8 months :O :O :O 

And another client had the biggest week ever (in terms of income), followed by an even BIGGER week!! This was just after 3 months of working together! :O :O

Are you ready to step into your own soul-aligned flow and abundance??
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