"I'm So Over This" Accountability Group

I see you. 

You have millions of brilliant ideas, but barely follow-through on any of them. 

You KNOW you have brilliant potential but have struggled to actually take action. 

You've set big goals for yourself and somehow, something always comes up and interrupts your flow. 


You're OVER the struggle. 

You're OVER the discomfort. 

You're OVER the pattern of writing out that amazing to-do list and then barely even following through.

You're OVER the lazy habits that keep you in your not-so-comfortable "comfort zone" when you KNOW you should be stepping up and taking more aligned action on the daily!

We (Meagan and Marley) have been there. And we are ready to lead you through 30 days of high-vibe accountability so you can take MASSIVE action and co-create the life that you so desire!!! 

Public declarations are POWERFUL. 

When we declare something to ourselves, it's easy to not totally do it . . . 

But when we declare it to a group, we're more likely to do it! Because we told people we would do certain things. And we want to follow through on our word.

We created a safe and loving container for you to make these declarations

What you'll receive:


  • 30 Days of accountability (April 1-30)
  • A loving space to declare your intentions / to-do list, to reflect, and to learn (private Facebook group)
  • Personal responses from Marley and Meagan on your posts / comments
  • Daily (Monday - Friday) posts
    • Morning intention declaration
      • Get specific! Tell us exactly what you're putting on your to-do list for the day! 
    • Evening recap 
      • Did you do the thing?? Tell us!
    • Monday forecast
      • What are you calling in this week? What energies do you wish to embody? 
    • Friday reflection
      • How was your week? What worked well? What did you learn? 
  • Meagan and Marley will personally respond to your posts, your questions, your insights!!! 
  • Weekly posts and a few live videos full of tips and inspiration. Topics include:
    • Flow
    • How-to-get-unstuck 
    • Business 
    • Income-producing activity ideas
    • Self-care 
    • Meditation
    • Mindset
    • Essential oils (practical uses and how-to's)
    • Encouragement to own your power and FULLY SHOW UP
    • Manifestation
    • Whatever else we feel would best serve you on your journey!
    • Oracle card readings
  • Weekly "virtual coffee hour" 
    • A 1-hour call via zoom
    • Connect with Meagan, Marley, and your fellow accountability groupies! Have live conversation, (virtually) face-to-face!
    • Build relationships, ask questions, share insights
    • We're all craving more community, so join in! 
    • Times for these "coffee hours" will be decided in the group!
  • Optional: Be paired up with an accountability buddy 
  • Investment: $47



Receives all of the above, plus: 

  • TWICE DAILY PERSONAL MESSAGING (Monday-Friday in April) with Marley or Meagan (we'll take turns!)
    • Via Voxer or Facebook messenger
    • Check in with us in the morning and in the evening
    • Personally declare your to-do list to one of us
    • Tell us if you did-the-thing! 
    • We'll cheer you on and also lovingly call you out when you're not stepping up! 
    • This is an incredible level of personal accountability!!
    • There's no room for you to slip into old habits and to NOT show up and DO THE THING!!!!
  • One 20-minute SOS call with Meagan (during April)
    • For when you're stuck and need help! 
  • One 20-minute SOS call with Marley (during April)
    • For when you're stuck and need help!
  • Investment: $297

Early Bird Bonus!

Sign up NOW and receive one free week of accountability! 

BONUS accountability week begins March 26! 

Sign up ASAP to claim this bonus accountability so you can get started on your goals NOW! 

This bonus week will include daily posts. All other facets of the offering will begin in April <3