Marley Jamason



Here's the short version of who I am: 

I am an intuitive business coach and spiritual healer here to empower you to create a career (and life!) that you're totally in love with (while also making a lot of money!). I utilize the Akashic Records, essential oils, and intuitive compassionate business coaching to help you heal energetic wounds, set strong boundaries, and arrange your business in a soul-aligned way! I take high-level spiritual information and make it into tangible action steps for you to take! And along the way, I'll help you tap more deeply into your own intuition.

Check out the longer version of who I am below:

I am a Transformational Catalyst


Just like many other healers and intuitives across the ages, severe illness initiated me into my spiritual craft. 

I had lived with debilitating chronic pain, chronic fatigue, and depression for so many years that I honestly didn't know who I was beyond my illness. 

As a formerly atheist biologist, I had rejected any notion of God or Spirit for most of my life. I couldn't separate God from hateful politics and I thought that people who felt energies of crystals were weird. (Wow, was that all about to change!)

In the depths of my chronic illness, something inside me urged me to explore my innate sensitivities -- my intuition and energy . . . 


I now see how I've always been intuitive. I used to receive insights about my friends and family in dreams. I would know when they weren't well. 


I have also always wanted to help people heal. As a child, I wanted to be an archaeologist-astronaut-actress and the first female baseball player on the Yankees (I've always been multi-passionate!) but deep down, I really thought I would be a doctor. Because as a child, I understood that doctors could help people.

My first Reiki class sparked something deep in me.

It was a coming-home. It was a means of understanding my own body's energy, and a means of relating to the world differently. It was as catalyst for my own personal healing, as well as my personal journey.

Since then, I've had a ravenous hunger to learn, learn, learn.


So far, I have:

  • Three degrees in Reiki 
  • Advanced Akashic Records training
  • Mediumship training
  • Extensive energywork training (what some people call Shamanism)
  • 1 year of Alexander Technique (hands-on healing) training
  • Extensive personal study of essential oils, nutrition, and non-toxic living
  • Healed my 9-year chronic mystery illness 

It's felt like I'm catching up on lifetimes of learning. Really, it's been a remembering. 

This is not my first lifetime as an intuitive. And I'm going to guess it's not your first lifetime as an intuitive, either.

It's not uncommon for me to speak with spirits, guides, angels, plants, and any other friendly entity who has come by to help facilitate healing.

I've been told that I sometimes appear in people's dreams with healing messages.


Here's a brief peek into MY OWN SOUL's Akashic Records profile:

As I soul, I have spent lifetimes studying how to help people heal and return to WHOLENESS and LOVE. 

I am designed to hold you in a space of non-judgmental, compassionate love so that you can see yourself as WHOLE and brilliant. 

I honestly see the best in people and I thrive on close personal relationships (many of my offerings reflect that!).

I need a HIGH amount of variation in my life and often joke that I have a "spiritual flavor of the week." That's perfect for my soul -- I need to cycle through hobbies and interests fairly rapidly so I don't feel bored and stagnant.

I am your biggest cheerleader as I help you to REMEMBER and OWN your brilliance!


Some healers / coaches work primarily in the "light." Others work primarily with one's "shadowside" (the wounds, the deep dark depths of the soul). I do both!

By addressing both your "deep dark" side AND the love and light, you come into wholeness. 

What do I do "outside of work"?? 

Well, I do think about the Universe, energy, spirituality, and the wisdom of plants ALL THE TIME. 

Outside of my career, I love:

  • birds, especially owls
  • hiking in nature
  • laughing
  • on the rare occasion that I find myself in a bar, I like to tell the drunk people how absolutely wonderful they are! (People sometimes receive compliments, encouragement, and love more readily when they're drunk!)
  • cooking nutritious vegan meals (ask me for my vegan mac 'n cheese!)
  • going to the farmer's market
  • hot tea
  • independent bookstores

More personal details from this lifetime:

I'm a California native. I lived in Colorado for 4 years, have lived in Boston for 3 years, and am about to move to Arizona! I love living in different places because it teaches me so much about society, culture, and the assumptions about the world that I've held.

I'm a Gemini, Libra rising, Virgo moon!

I am a true ambivert, which means that I am about 50:50 introvert / extrovert. Though I'd guess I'm slightly more extroverted!

Before my illness, I aspired to be a professional ballet dancer and was already dancing 20 hours per week at age 14.

I have researched in a neuroscience lab at Johns Hopkins and I have worked in a botanical lab (I grew and measured 1,000 plants one summer!).



Many of us have incarnated at this time because we are in the midst of major paradigm shifts. 

I am here to help you remember your innate brilliance and to encourage you to release present-life and past-life traumas so that you can fully express yourself in your craft AND receive abundant compensation for it! (It's definitely time to shift some paradigms around money!)


A quick peek into your Akashic Records will give us ample information to get started. And the Divine wisdom of plants (as essential oils) will help you to release the fear, gain clarity, and step into your empowered, soul-aligned abundance. 

Are you ready to activate your empowered abundance? Spirit has told me many times over that abundance is our natural state of being.

I work with visionaries, intuitives, creatives, and solopreneurs all over the world!