About Marley


Hello, dear reader! 

It is a joy to "meet" you virtually. 

Here are the broad details of my life: 

  • I am a native Californian
  • I am told that I learned to walk in Yosemite (I love nature!)
  • I was a serious (pre-professional) ballet dancer when I was younger
  • I majored in Biology and minored in Asian Studies at Colorado College
  • Nine years ago, I became very ill with a chronic mystery illness (pain, fatigue, depression)
  • I used to want to be an MD
  • I realized that I'm far better suited to holistic and energetic care
  • I have three degrees in Reiki 
  • I trained in Alexander Technique (hands-on healing modality) for one year but ultimately decided I did not want to obtain a degree
  • I've lived in Boston for two years
  • I want to learn new things for the rest of my life! 
  • I love owls
  • I healed from my chronic illness! 

Most people are eager to know: How did you heal from your chronic illness? 

A combination of many approaches enabled me to heal, including: nutrition, holistic / complementary / energywork modalities (including Reiki!), changing my mindset, meditation, and spirituality. 

Spoiler alert: In my practice with clients, teach and do A LOT of what helped me heal! :) 

I am an Empath.

I have always felt the energy (often people's emotions) around me very strongly. I used to not know how to cope with this heightened perception. I actually believe that my sensitivity to energy contributed to my chronic illness -- it was sensory overload and I didn't know what to do about it! 

Thankfully, I've learned how to handle the energy around me. It's a skill like any other life skill. I've also learned to increase my intuitive perception when I desire (so that I can help others and help myself). 

I have not always believed in the Divine.

In fact, I was strictly atheist and had zero sense of God or spirituality for the majority of my life.  

I now whole-heartedly believe in the non-denominational sense of God.

In fact, developing an active relationship with the Divine and my spiritual self helped me heal. 

What changed? Well, I changed. I had a strong inner knowing that I needed to explore energywork and my empathic abilities. I was shown that God existed beyond religion. That God is Love.

Believe me, I had a LOT of discomfort around words like "God," "Jesus Christ," "Blessed," and whatnot to release. It was not an overnight process.

In "Going Home: Jesus and Buddha as Brothers," Thich Nhat Hanh describes our connection to the Divine: We are individual waves upon the Ocean of the Divine. You cannot separate wave (us -- each individual person is an individual wave) from water (Divine). We are inherently spiritual beings, whether we recognize it or not. That is what I believe. 

I use words like God, Divine, Spirit, Source, All That Is, Universe, etc. interchangeably because they reference the same thing and I do not believe that any human word can adequately express or contain the vastness of the Divine. 

I believe that we are co-creators of our own experience.

Free Will and Choice are involved in every step along the way -- consciously and less-than-consciously. Often, we do not understand the importance and implications of certain happenings while we are in the midst of them. For example, for the majority of my illness, I didn't understand why I was ill. Now I know that there are so many reasons why I was ill. One of those reasons was so that I could be a better healer! I needed the direct experience of illness so I could better serve my clients. 

I do not believe in ONE way to go about life.

There is not one best way to be spiritual or to stay healthy or to be happy. You will know best what you need and when. I am simply a guide along the way to help support you and point you in the right direction. 

Yes, I am a healer. But I do not "do" the healing.

I am a facilitator of wellness. I can act as a catalyst to help expedite your journey to wellness. But I am not the healing agent.

You are the one who can choose to heal. You must take the steps.

I hold space so that you can come into the fullness of your true being. I see a world of infinite possibilities within you. 

I work from a place of deep love and compassion.

I genuinely wish to help people. I wish to empower people to be active participants and co-creators of the life that they so desire! 


I invite you to reach out to me!

I would love to chat with you!

Are you a fellow practitioner? Awesome! Let's connect and build community!

Are you ready to step into wellness? Then what are you waiting for?? Let's find a way to make it happen!