Soul-Alignment and Abundance Accelerator


Hi, my name is Marley Jamason!

I'm an energyworker + intuitive business coach.

I help multi-passionate entrepreneurs, creatives, intuitives, and visionaries cultivate a highly propserous, soul-aligned life + career that is fun and full of flow!

Akashic Records + energywork + channeled messages + soul-aligned business strategy.


Soul-Aligned Business Strategy

With the Akashic Records, I can tune into EXACTLY who you are as a soul.

I'll help you understand what alignment really looks like for you as a soul (this is the path to abundance!) and I'll help you release energy blocks that have been keeping you stuck.

Why would you ever want to receive business advice that ISN'T aligned to who you are as a unique soul?


Heal Core Energy Wounds + Abundance Blocks

I'll teach you the tools you need!

Our work will likely include:

  • Akashic Records clearing

  • Releasing limiting beliefs

  • Wealth / abundance consciousness

  • Spirit-led energywork

  • Releasing deep-seated fears

  • Cultivating unconditional self-love

  • Embodiment practices 


“Entrepreneurship is, at its core, a journey of healing and ultimate self-expression.”

— Marley Jamason


Transformational Catalyst


Unlock your brilliance and your abundance.

So you have all of these brilliant ideas, and yet, you are stuck. You're overwhelmed by all the things you "should do."

You are so excited to share your passion and make a difference in the world, and yet you're afraid of rejection, failure, public embarrassment, and not making enough money.

Together we can explore:

  • How you can make more money with greater ease and enjoyment

  • Imposter syndrome, low self-worth, shifting out of the perfectionist + workaholic paradigm

  • What a soul-aligned (and abundant) career would truly look like for you

  • Business strategy, intuition, and personal growth


My Mission


To act as a transformational catalyst, moving this world more and more deeply into a paradigm of love and empowerment.

To empower as many souls as possible to share their love and light with the world.

To empower others to heal soul-level spiritual wounds and step into greater abundance in all senses of that word (money, fulfilling relationships + career, joy, etc.).

To teach people how to tune into and trust their intuition.

To act as a beacon of love and integrity.

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Work 1-1 with Me

Let's create magic together!


Groups + Classes

Loving, supportive community. Pre-recorded workshops. Group classes.